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Johnny Pie, Jimmy Dore & Desi Doyen hosting. Cenk’s prediction came true, regarding new regulations and definition on wired, wireless internet and broadband. The announcement from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, brings in Title 2 and strengthens the importance of net neutrality. The panel answers the question which is important in their life, water or the internet. A follow up on the Jordanian pilot being executed by ISIS, with Fox News showing portions of the execution video, along with a renewed retaliation from Jordan. John Mccain comments on the execution by saying “if we are not winning the war we are losing the war”, along with a pursuit of giving resources and equipment to Jordan in fight against ISIS.

Jimmy Dore, Desi Doyen & Karamo Brown hosting. Dramatic video of a Trans Asia plane crash in Taiwan from a dash cam of a taxi cab. Japan has figured how to make customer service at the bank less personal, by employing robot named Nao, to read the emotions of their customers.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from February 4, 2015. For more go to

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