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Cenk and John Iadarola hosting. The FCC’s decision on Net Neutrality has come down, mostly in favor of fair internet access. Talk about the muddied message Republicans had to pitch in order to attempt to destroy this legislation. Bill O’Reilly has been caught in yet another lie that he has been telling over the years that prop him up as an amazing guy. Videos of Bill telling people about witnessing nuns being gunned down in El Salvador while he was there covering wars. Video of O’Reilly telling the same story accurately, acknowledging that he arrived to El Salvador after the nuns were killed. He also wrote in his book that he got there after the nuns were murdered. Fox News has come out in even more defense of old Bill. Cenk points out that Bill and FNC haven’t responded to the JFK lie and the nuns lie since they can’t spin it to blame others for attacking him.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. A study that was conducted on rising sea levels as a result of climate change showed that sea levels on the northeast coast of the country have risen at extremely dramatic levels. Abercrombie & Fitch case is going to the SCOTUS over refusing to hire a girl that wears a hijab due to it violating their apparel requirements for particular styles. Cenk and Ana agree that A&F should be able to enforce their dress code requirements against this. A 16 year old Indiana kid is facing life in prison for murder after he and a friend broke into a house, which resulting in the friend being killed by the homeowner. Since the kid’s decision to commit the crime ended in his friend’s death, he has been convicted of his murder. Cenk talks about how he wouldn’t shoot the burglars if he were the homeowner. Police in Sweden mistook a woman for an ISIS supporter over some balloons that formed “21” in celebration of her birthday. From the outside, the digits looked like “IS.” Talk about the variety of brutal and humanitarian videos that ISIS releases. They want enemies to overreact and bomb, while appealing to the local community for more power and support. A South Korean law that would imprison adulterers if caught cheating has been overturned. Spain will introduce breathalyzer tests for tourist pedestrians and cyclists due to the extreme number of drunk people visiting. They would only be tested if they’re involved in an accident. Cenk talks about being annoyed by irresponsible skaters. In another twist, this law is being pushed by automotive industry that wants less responsibility to be placed on drivers when accidents happen with pedestrians.

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