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The Young Turks - 2.9.15: Obama, Fundamentalists, Christians, Kanye West, Alcohol & Dominatrix

Cenk hosting today. After Pres Obama spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast about all religions having killers that did it in the name of their God, Conservatives lost their minds. Video of Obama’s original remarks. Video compilation of pundits calling the point ridiculous and stupid. Eric Bolling also took on the subject in claiming that the number of violent killings from Christians totals zero. Cenk details the many horrific instances of murder and violence carried out by Christians. Tucker Carlson, Mike Huckabee, and EW Jackson also claimed that Christians delivered Black people from slavery and Jim Crow. Pictures of the KKK openly and obviously doing their hateful acts in church and in front of burning crosses. Cenk also reads some verses from the Bible that preach obtaining and keeping slaves.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Kanye West has ruffled feathers again after the Grammy Awards last night when Beck beat Beyonce for album of the year. When Beck hit the stage to accept the award, Kanye acted like he would interrupt like he did to Taylor Swift. During an interview afterwards, Kanye voiced his opinion about how Beck should give his award to Beyonce. Bruce Jenner was involved in a major car accident that killed a woman. The cause of the accident is still being investigated. A robot that can have AI uploaded into it has been created. The potential uses of the robot would be to virtually clone oneself in robot form. Cenk and Ana talk about the potential problems with it, Ana worries that her man will leave her for her clone.

The military has decided to reclassify alcohol as a weapon since there are a significant number of cases where people are drugged with drinks before being sexually assaulted. Cenk is generally opposed to this rule, as its unnecessary and potentially confusing since so many people drink voluntarily before being assaulted. A Canadian woman won a $1.5 million lawsuit after a car accident damaged a part of her brain, turning her into a sex crazed dominatrix. TYT Supreme Court rules 3-1 in favor of the woman. A Detroit woman has been arrested of killing her friend with a slow cooker over a political argument.

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