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The Young Turks - 2.24.15: Wolf PAC Win! Oscars, Rape Kits & Women's Rights

Cenk hosting today. A debate in Idaho about women’s reproductive rights led to a Republican representative asking if a woman swallows a camera, will it end up in her vagina for a gynecological exam. Ron Paul was on a radio show talking about how the Congressional Black Caucus was opposed to war only because they wanted the money to go to food stamps back at home. Cenk points out the breakdown of food stamp use among races in the country. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is championing an anti-union bill for his state that would hurt the working class. When the language of the bill was reviewed, it was discovered that it was copied nearly word for word from ALEC. Wolf PAC has taken its 4th state for Free & Fair elections in New Jersey. Video of the final vote. Videos of volunteer Walker Green talking about his appendix exploding the night before the vote, causing him to miss it.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. A Gawker reporter went after Wes Anderson’s girlfriend over her looks. Zendaya Coleman was also critiqued over her dreadlocks at the Academy Awards by E! Zendaya responded with a very well written letter to the E! host. Ashton Kutcher spoke out about how kissing a man like he had to will definitely let you know if you have gay tendencies. Alaska has become the 3rd state to legalize marijuana use, with some caveats, like no smoking weed in public. Apple is rolling out new racially diverse emojis that include Black, Latino, and Asian faces. An autistic boy’s birthday party was void of guests, leading his mother to write about her broken heart on a Facebook post. The post led the local police to bring a helicopter and emergency vehicles to celebrate the boy’s birthday party in a major way. Texas has decided to finally test the thousands of untested rape kits taken by rape victims. They have already uncovered 850 rapists that have run free to commit other crimes in the meantime. Followers of a church in Idaho are refusing medical healing for their kids, and rely on faith healing instead, causing 70% of these children to die as a result. Rep Christy Perry came out in support of the parents’ rights to allow their kids to die. Her points about the government getting out of the way of the parents’ choice is oddly similar to women’s reproduction rights that all Republicans are against.

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