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The Young Turks - 2.23.15: Bill O'Reilly Update, Academy Awards Dramz

Cenk hosting. Bill O’Reilly’s battle over Mother Jones’ story about his exaggerated war coverage has escalated. After bashing David Corn’s story on Friday, other CBS reporters that were in Argentina with him in 1982 are refuting his bombastic defense. Videos of O’Reilly’s defense and name calling and videos of CBS’ Eric Engberg giving his side of the story, including Bill getting kicked off the war coverage. Multiple other CBS veterans spoke out about how O’Reilly’s accounts were untrue.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. One of the best speeches at the Academy Awards last night was by Graham Moore about bullying and suicide. More controversy erupted when Sean Penn made a green card joke when giving the Oscar to the Mexican director. After the film about Edward Snowden won an award, Neil Patrick Harris made a joke about Snowden, mentioning treason. Glenn Greenwald responded negatively. Cenk was annoyed by the joke, too. Ana disagrees with Cenk.

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