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The Young Turks - 2.25.15: Elizabeth Warren, O'Reilly, Kanye, Olbermann & Alabama

Cenk hosting today. Despite Elizabeth Warren’s declarations that she isn’t going to run for President against Hillary Clinton, she gave a very lukewarm answer to Clinton’s liberal credentials with Al Sharpton. This makes Cenk wonder why she would take this approach if it isn’t to set up a run against Hillary. On CPAC’s list of speakers at their annual convention, Dr. Ben Carson’s bio had a picture of Sen Tim Scott instead of Carson. CPAC responded to the Washington Post reporter’s tweet about it by claiming he photoshopped the image to embarrass CPAC. One of the editors at Ben Howe came out in favor of CPAC’s claim of a photoshopping scheme. Bill O’Reilly has been caught in yet another lie. This time the fabrications are about his assertions that he chased down an accomplice to the assassination of JFK right before he committed suicide. Bill made it sound like the man shot himself because he was hot on his trail. Other reporters that worked with O’Reilly at the time have come forward to point out that he wasn’t even in the same city when the suicide occurred.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Kanye West recalled a story about Kim Kardashian’s father getting racist taunts after being on OJ Simpson’s defense team. Due to the vandalism, he told Kim that one day she may have a Black child that she will have to be ready to put up with the racism. Cenk thinks Kanye is embellishing parts of the story. Cenk thinks West getting an award for having a clothing and shoe line is ridiculous, and that one day he will prove it by having one himself. Ana disagrees with Cenk’s choice of t-shirt with blazer look. TYT audience poll on whether or not Cenk’s style is acceptable or not. Keith Olbermann has been suspended by ESPN for 1 week after he got into a heated Twitter fight with multiple Penn St students over their defense of their school when he bashed them. The fight began after they were proud of the charitable fundraising. TYT Supreme Court on Olbermann’s suspension. Cenk is tired of networks suspending people every second over everything. California is planning on providing condom machines in prisons to help stop the rapid spread of HIV and other STDs. Although Alabama has legalized same sex marriage, the state’s Chief Justice has told officials that they cannot in fact give marriage licenses to gay couples.

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