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Ana, Iadarola, and Jimmy Dore host TYT. Co-founder of The Weather Channel spoke to Megyn Kelly about how Climate Change is a hoax because of Al Gore. Video of Coleman shows him complaining about how tough it is to be a denier. Video of Coleman calling the proof bad science follows. Video of Coleman claiming that the ice caps are at their highest levels ever and polar bears are happily living at their largest population. Videos of Sarah Palin are played showing her spouting off about how Climate Change exists, but there is no evidence that its man made, comparing it to eugenics. Palin also ironically posted on her Facebook page that “limo Libs” are pushing climate change while ignoring regular folks like her. A video of a Climate Change PAC ad voiced by Woody Harrelson that pointed out that powerful people have been lying to Americans about harmful things like cigarettes is played.

Gina Grad replaces Iadarola for SCS. After a CHP officer was caught sending personal pictures from a phone of a female driver he pulled over for DUI, it has been discovered that this practice is rampant among several cops. Jimmy talks about how all these cops have admitted to taking part in this culture of crime. Ana retells the story of being harassed by a cop. Melissa Harris Perry outlined they way severe online harassment has limited her ability to exist on Twitter. Ana relates to Perry. Poll numbers show that a significant number of people report being harassed online.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from October 28, 2014. For more go to

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from October 27, 2014. For more go to

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Sam Harris (Author, neuroscientist, Co-founder of Project Reason) and Cenk Uygur (Host of The Young Turks) have a discussion about religion. Sam and Cenk also address questions from the audience.

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Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz & Jill Pike host The Young Turks show on June 30, 2003

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Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz & Jill Pike host The Young Turks show on June 30, 2003

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The Young Turks - 10.24.14: Frank Mankiewicz, Squarespace, Feminism & College Corruption

Cenk, Ana, Iadarola, and Desi Doyen hosting. Cenk remembers the life of Frank Mankiewicz.

The top 10 Squarespace winners are announced. A popular NYC restaurant investigated why their wait time and service have suffered in the past 10 years, causing more disgruntled customers and complaints. After comparing 2014 tapes of patrons, to 2004 tapes, they discovered that customers’ incessant cell phone use caused a normal dinner time to be increased by nearly 1 hour. It has been revealed that a large number of student athletes at UNC took nonexistent classes that gave them excellent grades. The scam ran from 1993-2011.

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The Young Turks - 10.23.14: Fox News Sexism, Voting, Texas History Books & Halloween

Cenk hosts TYT today. After model Chrissy Teigen tweeted about government shooting in Ottawa, comparing how regularly this happens in America. Videos of Fox News being shocked about her words, along with Andrea Tantaros saying that she’s just a dumb model with a nice bottom that doesn’t know what she’s talking about. They lamented her political point, right before making their political point. Notoriously insane NH lawmaker Steve Vaillancourt senselessly spoke out against a Democratic candidate, claiming that she is ugly as sin, and therefore can’t get elected. In response, a website has popped up to unelect him from his position. North Korea has announced travel bans from any foreign people planning on going to the country to avoid ebola spreading to their land. Iowa Sen candidate Joni Ernst has had some video from 2012 at the NRA surface where she vowed to use her handgun to fight the government if they try to limit her rights. Local NC Republicans are taking away a specific early voting place that is home to many college students that have gone Democratic lately, in hopes of eliminating their vote. Fox News’ Kim Guilfoyle said that young women voting is not a good idea because they don’t understand life, and should go back to Tinder and The Wall St. Journal published Karl Rove’s piece that begged billionaires make one more money push to help the GOP win the upcoming election, resulting in 21 billionaires giving $20 million. Although GOP got this cash, Democrats got $5 million less from just 11 billionaires, illustrating how truly America has transitioned into an Oligarchy.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Texas history books have continued to push whitewashed versions of historical moments in America. One tactic tries to get students to question the Separation of Church & State. The books also redefine the institution of slavery and its impact on the Civil War. They also pushed capitalism as the only viable economic system. A Nebraska school district is allowing students to take school pictures with their guns, as long as it’s done tastefully. Some have a problem with it, but Ana thinks it may be ok. Cenk completely disagrees, and says it looks like the Taliban. Halloween companies pull in billions of dollars from candy & costume sales. $350 million is used just on costumes for their pets. Mother’s Day and Valentines Day actually pull in double the amount that Halloween does. Ana hates Halloween because there’s too much pressure to dress up.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from October 23, 2014. For more go to

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from October 22, 2014. For more go to


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The Young Turks - 10.21.14: Sarah Palin, MayDay, Corrupt Congressman, Trolling & Revenge Porn

Cenk hosts TYT. Sarah Palin’s PAC has raised $2.7 million with the promise to promote Republican candidates, but only gave $150K to candidates, only 5.5% of the money. During this election cycle, the PAC has $1.4 million on hand, and only gave $45K. The rest, and majority of the money went to her consultants, her book publisher, hotel stays, SUV rentals, and travel. Palin’s personal lifetime political donations total $628. Lawrence Lessig’s PAC, MayDay is looking to raise money to go after the elected officials that have benefitted and gone corrupt due to money in politics. GOP Rep. Fred Upton, head of the Energy and Commerce Committee isn’t very happy with this idea, so his staff is threatening the CEOs of companies that have contributed to MayDay by disregarding any of their interests that come across his table while he’s in charge. Upton proves the point of MayDay by illustrating the level of corruption he’s involved in. In America’s efforts to combine the war on terror with the war on drugs, we’ve spent $7.6 billion to fight opium in Afghanistan, but in that span, it has grown exponentially in the country. A poll on how disaffected people are with their government showed that the nations with the worst approval had the most perceived government corruption.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. A survey of 1000 people showed that 28% admit to being online trolls. Another 23% have admitted to maliciously arguing online with a stranger. The reality of revenge porn scandals have taken a curious turn. More and more women are being busted for posting nude pictures or videos of other women in compromising positions. These women are usually exes of men that are dating the newly exposed one. More of these pictures posted are mistresses of men by their girlfriend or wife. Ana talks about how unrecognizable Renee Zellweger is after all of her plastic surgery. Ana talks about her biggest fear of getting old, and Jayar agrees. A study showed the best cities to live in as a Liberal and Conservative. After seeing both lists of the top 10 for each group, Cenk determines that the Lib cities are so much more enjoyable than the middle-of-nowhere Conservative ones.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from October 21, 2014. For more go to

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The Young Turks - 10.20.14: Pumpkin Patch Riots, Cop Pulled Over, Ebola Panic & Republican Hypocrisy

Cenk hosts TYT. A Washington state citizen pulled a cop over and demanded ID and berated him for illegally using the vehicle under state law. Videos of the encounter are shown. Cenk loves this guy, and the cop for cooperating. Cenk points out that the White citizen got more leeway to pull off this brazen act. Jayar and Jesus talk about why this encounter actually annoyed them. Gov Corbett’s website has a banner of citizens lovingly interacting with him, including an elderly Black woman that turned out to be taken from a stock photo where the woman was conversing with her financial advisor. A riot broke out at a college in NH over pumpkins at a festival. Rowdy students flipped cars, attacked police, and were eventually pepper sprayed. Cenk compares this to the way Black Ferguson protesters were characterized in the media when riots broke out over the cops killing unarmed Michael Brown.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. After the pumpkin riots happened, a reporter on the scene was approached by the organizer of the pumpkin festival and attempted to stop his report of the violence. Video of the humorous encounter is played. Misinformation on ebola continues as an elementary school in NJ threw out a few students that are originally from Rwanda, which isn’t even near the countries that are affected. A teacher from Maine has been placed on administrative leave for 21 days since she attended a conference in Dallas, where the Ebala case was detected. The head of the NIH previously stated that if the organization’s funding wasn’t continually cut, we may already have an ebola vaccine, but he’s getting pushback from defenders of the cuts. Cenk stops the story to tell everyone that he just had a massive dejavu. After the Obama Admin named Ron Klein as the “Ebola Czar” that Republicans were clamoring for, they attacked his credentials, but Conservatives didn’t have anything to say about Bush’s Bird Flu czar that had no medical background.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from October 20, 2014. For more go to

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Ashley Spillane is the president of Rock the Vote, and is working to help young voters realize how crucially important it is to exercise their right to vote. You may have seen the "Turn Out for What" music video with Lil' Jon- it's fun and lighthearted, but drives home the message to millenials that voting is an important way to support causes that matter to them. How can Rock the Vote combat apathy and other barriers preventing them from voting? What really stops young people from voting?

John Iadarola (TYT, TYT University) interviews Rock the Vote President, Ashley Spillane all about Rock the Vote and why voting is so deeply necessary, no matter what your beliefs.

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Professor Reza Aslan is the author of the New York Times #1 Bestseller "Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth," and is a writer and scholar on religious studies.

Is there a media bias against Islam? Reza Aslan points to certain media pundits and hosts who call all religion bad, but Islam "the worst." Is it bigoted when pundits like Sam Harris call any non-extremist Muslims "not real" Muslims? Are some media commentators denouncing and defining Christian and Muslim extremism themselves fundamentalist bigots? Where is the balance between when interpreting holy text? What is the difference between atheism and neo-atheism? Is there such a thing as the one "truth?"

Reza Aslan sits down with The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur to discuss and debate the state of religious commentary in media, religious ignorance, the removal of religion from society and neo-atheism, what it really means to be religious, picking-and-choosing attitudes across the board, and much more on fundamental misunderstandings of religion.

More on Reza Aslan:

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from October 17, 2014. For more go to

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The Young Turks - 10.16.14: Ebola Panic, Shep Smith & Raise The Wage!!!

Ana and Iadarola host TYT. As Ebola fear spreads in America, travel bans are becoming more and more prevalent and are now being debated among political figures. The list of lawmakers in favor of banning travel from West African nations affected is larger than those against it. Discussion over how this would be detrimental even though it sounds like a safe thing to do follows. Conservative Marc Siegel wrote a piece for the National Review on why we should do a travel ban even though he thinks it would actually be counter-productive. Since fearful politicians are advocating a ban on flights from Africa, John Boehner’s spokesman was asked if flights should be banned from Texas, where the only American cases reside. He dodged the question. Video of Shep Smith voicing how wrong it is for media figures to mislead the American people on the spreading of ebola is shown. While the 2nd nurse infected with Ebola was being airlifted to Atlanta for treatment, one mystery man involved wasn’t wearing any protective gear, and people noticed.

Ana and John continue for SCS. Even more research proves that working employees less hours results in more productivity, since the peak of productivity is at just under 40 hours/week.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from October 16, 2014. For more go to

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Cenk hosts TYT. Pastor Ron Baity of Berean Baptist Church, is claiming that Ebola is god’s wrath for gay weddings and that “rogue judges” have gone against the ministry. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has given Baity an award for those who are faithfully working to engage the culture in Jesus Christ. Members of Ohio pastor Ernest Angley’s church are coming forward with allegations of sexual abuse . Death threats are made against feminist speaker, Anita Sarkeesian, causing her to cancel an event at Utah State University.

Ana & Cenk host SCS. Restaurant workers across the nation are participating in a protest movement called “Not On The Menu” which highlights sexual harassment of waitresses by their customers and management. A group called has released a video called “Vest or Vote” that examines gun violence in the African American community.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from October 15, 2014. For more go to

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Cenk hosts TYT. The Koch brothers are organizing their rich donors with “dark money” in a new Super PAC called “Freedom Partners Action Fund” with 25 million already in the bank. One of the donors, Ronnie Cameron, a 69 year old Arkansas poultry producer, is donating over the concern that his grandchildren will live under the threat of communism. Democratic candidate, Wendy Davis, is running an ad against Republican Greg Abbott for US Senate in TX, criticizing his record on tort reform. However, Sean Hannity and Greg Abbott are playing the victim by showing Greg Abbott in a wheelchair. Wendy Davis appears on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell and defends the ad. Alexander Stubb, Finland’s Prime Minister, claims that the IPhone is killing the economy of Finland.

Ana & Cenk host SCS. Apple and Facebook are developing a better work environment, by paying for their female employees to freeze their eggs. An Instagram page is in the middle of controversy, showing the youth of Tehran flaunting their wealth. The President of the Navajo Nation sits with Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, at a Redskins game.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from October 14, 2014. For more go to

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Cenk hosts TYT. The Vatican is discussing a new policy on gays. Their new document allows Catholics to welcome gay people into their community without believing it destroys their belief system. One Vatican expert called the opinion an earthquake to the system. This is seen as a re-education of Catholic followers that have been programmed. After the SCOTUS rejected cases that allowed gay marriage, the Republican Party are split on how to respond. Videos on the issue: Mike Huckabee threatens to leave the Party and tells them to grow a spine to fight gay rights. On the other hand, on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace and a pro gay rights guest teamed up on Tony Perkins, who is staying strong against equal rights. Wallace challenged him over what a gay couple will effectively do to harm his family. Research on polls that have accepted gay rights more and more showed that respondents changed their negative answer to positive when they were told they were being questioned by a gay person. Cenk remembers the rabid way Fox & Friends opposed Obama implementing Czars in his Admin. Video of Steve Doocy calling for Obama to install an Ebola Czar just today is played. A Wolf-PAC announcement is made.

Hour 2 with Cenk and Ana.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from October 13, 2014. For more go to

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