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The Young Turks - 2.5.15: Brian Williams, Boko Haram, Obama Religion Speech & Education

John, Rubin, and Michael Shure hosting. NBC’s Brian Williams is under fire for revelations that he has been lying about the helicopter crash he was involved in while reporting on the Iraq War in 2003. Videos of him telling the story to David Letterman and Alec Baldwin on separate occasions over the years. Michael defended Williams mis-remembering the story. Rubin partially blames him for getting these details incorrect. The panel doesn’t see any shady reason he’d do this on purpose or push an agenda. Boko Haram fighters have attacked citizens in Cameroon, killing more. Several African nations have banded together to counter the terrorist organization’s murders. President Obama spoke to a Prayer Breakfast about the extremism of groups posing as religious groups, including some Christian ones. Rubin is over Obama and his dry, empty speeches.

Hannah Cranston replaces Shure for SCS for the 1st time. A new study illustrates the college graduation gap between wealthy students and lower-income students. A Florida man claims to have had a sexual relationship with a dolphin because it seduced him. The Florida Supreme Court has to decided whether or not gay sex is considered intercourse since an HIV Positive man had sex with another man without telling him. When the newly infected man looked to press charges, the state has to decide if its a legitimate sexual act to be prosecuted as intercourse.

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