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The Young Turks - 2.10.15: Zimbabwe, Sean Hannity, Ohio G-Spot Gyno & Global Sex Ring

Cenk hosts TYT. The dictator of Zimbabwe tripped last week and the image of it suddenly turned into a hilarious internet meme. Since he has no patience for jokes targeting him, he fired 27 security aides over it. Fox News continues to freak out about Obama’s speech pointing out the violence that has been carried out by Christianity in the past. Videos of Sean Hannity’s guest Star Parker calling it ‘verbal rape.’ Video mashup of Conservatives committing “verbal rape” on Muslim believers with their harsh words. A Saudi Arabian historian claimed that since they don’t allow their women to drive and Westerners do, they care more about whether or not their women get raped. Fox News addressed the rise of unbelievers with their own historian that claimed there is more evidence of Bible stories than Atheists could imagine. Since reports of botched executions are being reported more, Oklahoma is considering bringing back the gas chamber.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. A gynecologist lost his license after he helped 2 women discover their G-spot. One patient came back to have him help her orgasm the 2nd time, and eventually met her for sex at the hospital. Ana asks if an OBGYN should be fired if a doctor only stimulates a woman’s G-spot if she asks him to locate it for her. The former head of the International Monetary Fund is facing more charges from his participation in a global sex ring. Researchers correlated the way women walk with how easily they can attain an orgasm.

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