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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from July 27, 2015. For more go to 

Cenk Uygur hosting the 1st hour.  Republicans reaction on guns to the movies.  Perry point of view is gun free zone. Sandra Bland good update there will be federal investigation.  Talking to a inmate….inmate said she was crying.  She was excited to get out of jail. She shouldn’t be in jail all because of traffic signal. Autopsy says 30 to 40 cuts on her arms and find a little drugs. Video of Elizabeth Hasselbeck proposing the possibility that Bland could’ve used her cigarette as a weapon on the cop. Mike Huckabee appeared on a Breitbart radio show and while speaking out about the Iran deal, he claimed Obama is ushering Israelis to the door of “the oven.” Audio of the outrageous comparison. Cenk dismantles Huckabee’s Iran stance with his own previous quotes that called for negotiations with them, to avoid war. Video of President Obama responding to the ridiculous rhetoric by Republican leaders. After being condemned by Jewish groups and even Conservatives, Huckabee stands by his comments, and doubled down. He released a tweet that restated the oven comment.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. New York Magazine cover shows 35 of Cosby’s 46 victims, along with one empty chair to signify the ones that have not yet come forward. A pastor spoke to his congregation about hypocritical judgemental Christians have towards gays when they break rules of the Bible all the time. Video of one part of the sermon. Pat Robertson tackled the problem of SCOTUS justices that ruled against God’s Will. Video of Pat telling a viewer that he can’t answer why God didn’t strike them down. Another video of Robertson claiming that the Justices brought into the rhetoric of Planned Parenthood that had plans of conducting eugenics on Black Americans.

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