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John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, Michael Shure and Jayar Jackson hosting today’s Power Panel. Details on the Lafayette Movie Theatre shooting, with accounts of the shooting from theatre patrons. Twitter posts by the shooter John Russell Houser are read showing his beliefs on racism and the political parties in America.  Before the Lafayette shooting, President Obama discusses his frustration of current gun laws in America. Fox News displays their take on the shooter, characterizing more of the shooting as a random situation and not examining it as a regular occurrence in America. John displays gun stats that goes against the Fox News narrative, along with Australia having the lowest gun homicide and America being Number 1.

Wyatt Cenac criticizes Jon Stewart over a Daily Show bit of Stewart’s impersonation of Herman Cain regarding Stewart’s tone of voice, Jon Stewart reacts harshly from Wyatt Cenac’s criticism by telling him to “fuck off”, but later apologises.

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