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Hour 1: Trump’s mobster friends and link to Trump Towers construction work. New Washington Post poll shows Clinton losing. Trump is winning 57% of white voters. Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows higher approval ratings for Bernie Sanders Sanders says Debbie Schultz will not be DWS head. Lesbian couple kicked out store for kissing.

Hour 2: Cenk and Ana are hosting. Today the federal government convicted Jeff Epstein. In 2007 the fed investigate into a secret non prosecution agreement. He had child porn and sexual assault minors. Jeff Epstein was well known with Politician and big name celebrate. He received a light sentence because he is a billionaire so therefore he can afford lawyer. His attorney didn’t notify the victims after the deal was settled. Defense counsel investigate individual prosecutors and their families, looking for peccadilloes that may provide a basis for disqualification. How Jeff Epstein got caught is a mother of 14 year old daughter noticed some things and reported to the federal authorities and then authorities investigated his house finding tape of him have sex with young girls, paying young girl for prostitution, and found child porn on his computer. John McCain is upset that an ad was posted which he didn’t authorized. There was a copyright violations. Chris Jenner is the nice face for Legacy Business School. This school isn’t accredited school. A person can’t transfer their credits to a college. The school is expensive and they only get a certificate. The school targets foreign students for because they are unaware how US school runs. The school is located in Trump Towers. The school is a scam. Many people are filing a lawsuit against the school.

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