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Hour 1: Cenk hosting. Electile Dysfunction intro. After a poll showed that Hillary Clinton is in a virtual tie with Donald Trump in the general election, especially in 3 key swing states, Democratic influencers in the Establishment told everyone to ignore it. A new poll out from Reuters shows again that the race is a tie between Clinton and Trump. Cenk wonders if the same talkers and poll watchers will pay attention to this one. Cenk has Trump at a 51% chance of winning the presidency. As the FBI continues to investigate Hillary Clinton and her emails, she and her surrogates keep calling it a simple inquiry. James Comey responded by saying he’s not familiar with the term “security inquiry” because they’re conducting an investigation. Now that there appears to be daggers headed toward Hillary Clinton from multiple angles, Cenk sees others, like Joe Biden, preparing to fly in to take her place. Video of Sidney Blumenthal blowing off the possibility that the FBI is conducting a serious investigation on Clinton. Video of Joe Biden from yesterday telling Robin Roberts that he thinks he would’ve been the best president. Today, the story of Biden’s plan to have Elizabeth Warren be his running mate broke, illustrating that he’s looking to be in the news as a viable candidate.

Hour 2: Ana joins Cenk for SCS. The Planned Parenthood shooter has been deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial for his murderous shooting spree. He will be getting treatment in a psychiatric hospital. Cenk thinks that since he’s White, Conservative, and a Christian, he’s getting off easy. Any other terrorist would get sent to Gitmo. Ana disagrees, and considered his actions to be mentally unstable. George Zimmerman is auctioning off the murder weapon he used to kill Trayvon Martin. After posting it to one auction site with a deplorable message, it was taken down after a short time. By the end of the day, he had found another site that will allow him to sell the weapon.

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