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Hour 1: Jimmy, John, and Cenk are hosting. The FDA is making changes to the nutritional facts label. Trump slams Chris Christie for eating Oreos. Trump says he will pay for Christie’s campaign debt. In 2006, Trump was hoping for the housing market to crash, yet it didn’t. The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Young activist are fighting to raise the minimum wage. Would-be students are deciding to not attend college because of the high amount of student debt they may accrue.

Hour 2: Jimmy, Cenk, and Brett are hosting. Uber head of economic research Keith Chen, said recently to NPR that people are willing to accept the 9% surge pricing. In Oklahoma, Governor Mary Fallin’s former general counsel, Steve Mullins, reportedly told the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office to Google whether potassium chloride and potassium acetate were the same hours before the state was supposed to execute inmate Richard Glossip. In Palo Alto, CA a robotic security officer paroles a local mall and scans license plates. A study on oral sex states that if women are more satisfied with their sexual partner, they less likely to cheat.

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