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Hour 1: Cenk hosting. Hillary Clinton’s election team are in a state of bewilderment in trying to figure out when Bernie Sanders will officially drop out of the race. Nate Silver came out by saying that Hillary Clinton has a 80 percent chance of winning the general election against Donald Trump, Cenk takes notice of Nate’s previous observations. Tricaster crash.

Cenk picks up on the Nate Silver story. A sheriff for a small town in Louisiana that was indicted on civil rights charges made anti-Semitic remarks about an attorney involved. The civil rights charges stemmed from his calls to have black inmates beaten in the jail’s chapel so that no cameras can record the crimes. While awaiting his trial, this sheriff isn’t even being held in jail after all of this information came to light. Donald Trump’s campaign has been soliciting foreign leaders for money to be used in the election. Cenk recites some of the leaders’ perplexed responses to Trump. Talk about how illegal this campaign move is.

Hour 2: Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Talk about their upcoming mile race. The same judge that let Brock Turner off easy just ruled in another sexual assault case. This case’s criminal is a Latino man, and he received 3 years in prison. A woman is suing her wealthy Saudi ex-husband for $262 million since he’s chosen to marry another, much younger woman. She previously rejected a $49 million settlement since it’s not sufficient for her lifestyle. Chris Brown is being sued by Mike G his former manager and Nicole his publicist. Chris Brown has been abusing his employees.

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