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Hour 1: Power Panel of Cenk, Iadarola, Jimmy, and Michael Shure. An ongoing hostage situation in Bangladesh. A cafe with over 40 people, including staff and customers are being held by several gunmen that also have grenades. ISIS has taken credit for the situation, but local officials say that it’s local radicals. Cenk talks about the cowardice surrounding these terrorists that feel they have to force their beliefs on others with violence. Loretta Lynch held a brief private meeting with Bill Clinton in Phoenix. With the ongoing investigation into Hillary, it looks like may have been relaying info to the former president about his wife’s case. Videos of Loretta Lynch being asked what she was thinking in doing this. Her response gave credibility to the question and went on to not answer it.

Hour 2: Kenny Hamilton and Ana Kasparian replace Iadarola and Shure on the Power Panel. More drama for the Rio Olympics. Remains of a human body washed ashore on the beach that the beach volleyball venue will be played. Visitors at the airport are being greeted by police with signs that warn how unsafe things are, how they can’t protect them. Student loan report asked people with student loans how far they’d go to get rid of their debt. A majority would wear crocs, give up sex for the next 10 years, would star in a porn video, would vote for Hillary or Trump, to have their debt forgiven.

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