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The Young Turks - 1.20.15: Michael Moore Tweets, Fox News Apology, Fake Doc & Government Spying

Ben, John, and Desi Doyen host TYT. Michael Moore has caused an uproar after tweeting and Facebooking about snipers, insinuating that they are cowards. Ben talks about the negative response he got after reviewing the movie American Sniper. Seth Rogen tweeted about how the movie resembles the film inside the film Inglorious Basterds. He was also condemned for comparing the sniper movie to one about a Nazi sniper. Talk about the things Chris Kyle openly said that illustrated negative parts of his character. After Fox News was flooded with ridicule for their “No Go Zones” talking points, they were forced to finally apologize for the false narrative. Video of Julie Banderas issuing one of the four apologies over the weekend. Ben thinks that the apology was well done. Despite the apology, the city of Paris is planning to sue Fox News Channel. Video of Bobby Jindal continuing to push the false narrative, but getting challenged by the CNN reporter in England.

Ana replaces John for SCS. A 17 year old kid posed as a doctor at a Florida hospital for months before being discovered. Other doctors and hospital personnel noticed he was young, but didn’t say anything. A 5 year old kid was given a bill from his friend’s mother after he RSVPed to their birthday party, but couldn’t come due to being double booked. Ana talks about party etiquette. David Cameron is catching heat for trying to force social media and app companies to allow a backdoor access point for the government to spy on users. President Obama has come out in favor of this move, to monitor bad guys that use the services for wrongdoing.

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