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The Young Turks - 1.22.15: Senate on Climate Change, Joni Ernst, Mitt Romney vs. Huckabee & Marijuana News

Ben, Ana, and Iadarola hosting. The Senate passed an amendment to the Keystone Pipeline bill that declared climate change is not a hoax. Only one Senator voted against it. Sen Jim Inhofe voted in favor of this amendment, but took to the Senate floor later in the day to call climate change a hoax. BP tweeted that climate change is indeed real, but it has been taken down. Additionally, Mitt Romney admitted that he’s one of those Republicans that believes climate change is real. GOP Senators overwhelmingly rejected amendments that used the term “significantly” when describing human contributions to climate change. Ben points out that Romney and Jeb Bush met this week, possibly to talk about their separate plans to run for president. After Joni Ernst responded to the SOTU address with a poor upbringing story, it has been discovered that her family received nearly $500K in farm subsidies. She also debated that she is against subsidies while campaigning. Video of Mitt Romney’s ad that targeted Mike Huckabee with a Willie Horton-style message, that he never ran in the 2008 campaign. Ben talks about the horrible details of the serial rapist Huckabee released in Arkansas.

Facebook looks to combat scam stories and inaccurate news stories that mislead many users. The reporting of false news stories would be reported by other users, and after enough users have reported a story as fake, it would be eliminated. The potential problem with this new policy is that disagreeable users will just flag a story that is against their views, but not fake or misleading. As marijuana gets discussed more for legalization, the question of whether or not it can be considered a performance enhancing drug, as it helps some people focus and lower anxiety. Jamaica is considering decriminalizing marijuana.

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