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The Young Turks - 1.21.15: SOTU Wrap Up, Obama, Police Shooting & Woman Ambushes Cops

Iadarola, Rubin, Jimmy, and RJ hosting. Talk about some of the larger issues that the president failed to mention at the SOTU Address last night. One was the success of ObamaCare. Talk about gay marriage and police brutality on undeserving citizens. Video of the zinger Obama snapped on condescending Republicans during the SOTU last night. When the GOP applauded his point about not running anymore campaigns, he responded by saying, “I know because I won both of them.” After the much talked about response, crybaby republicans complained that his tone won’t help him in working together. The GOP response to the SOTU was done by Joni Ernst, where she robotically went hokey in talking about her humble farming background, mentioning bread bags on her shoes.

Ana and Rubin for SCS. Video shows NJ police shooting and killing an unarmed Black man on a routine stop. Video has surfaced of a Massachusetts woman throwing bacon and sausage through the police dept window at officers. She later said she was told by God to “feed the pigs.” A federal law overturned the rule that prohibits flipping off police officers.

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