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The Young Turks - 1.19.15: SOTU, Fox News, MLK Day, Middle Class Racism & Lone Star Hate

Johnny Pie & Ben “The Tank” Mankiewicz host TYT. President Obama will be proposing new tax reform policy and will be presenting it at tomorrow’s SOTU address. Fox News and Friends react to the proposal saying that President Obama is playing with politics and it is designed to enrage Republicans. Eric Holder has made a big move in “civil asset forfeiture” by limiting some of the amount of assets that the government can seize during a crime. In honor of MLK day, John and Ben read and take note of quotes by Martin Luther King. John has a slight disagreement with one of the quotes about religion and science.

Ben and Ana host the SCS “Banana Hour”. A new study from the Pew Research Center reveals that African Americans who were raised in middle class families find out that their income drops upon leaving home and have difficulty maintaining the same income when growing up. In Oklahoma, Police Chief Lewis Ross was shot by Dallas Horton for wrongfully raiding his home. There were claims of racism as Dallas, a white man, was not charged with the shooting. Police Chief Lewis Ross is an African American. A group of 500 moderate Muslims gathered in Texas to speak out against extremists in the Muslim community, but was met with protesters who were against the gathering of the moderate Muslims.

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