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Hour 1: Cenk hosting today. Bill O’Reilly demonized the Black Lives Matter movement. Videos of him and Andrea Tantaros calling it radical and dismissive of White Culture. Video of O’Reilly telling an opposing voice that he is the one person that sheds the most light on Black lives being lost. Sarah Palin went on O’Reilly’s show to talk about how Planned Parenthood kills more Black people than the followers of the Confederate flag. Video of her rambling about PP targeting Black people, but won’t admit that she’s insinuating they’re racist.

Hour 2: Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Update on Mia Farrow story. She tweeted the business address of the MN dentist that killed a lion in Zimbabwe, but has received threats herself from people online. A federal court ruled that a woman who threatened an abortion provider should be held responsible for her actions after a lower court let her off the hook. Her attorney tried to explain away her obvious threats. Alabama is threatening to take away the parental rights of a pregnant inmate that wants to get an abortion. The state has appointed a guardian to look out for the rights of the fetus. The government is trying out a program that would give Pell grants to inmates for college while they are still incarcerated.

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Hour 1: Cenk hosting. Another unarmed Black man was shot and killed by Univ of Cincinnati police officer. After days of trying to avoid showing the bodycam footage, the cop has been indicted, and the tape has been released. Video of the traffic stop and murder. The sheriff of the county where Sandra Bland was arrested and found dead is denying the fact that racism exists in his county. Cenk details the many instances of racism in the county, including the fact that the sheriff was fired from his last job due to allegations of racism against him. Turkey is getting involved in the ISIS fight, but it may not be beneficial to America’s interests in wiping ISIS out. Cenk explains the complicated factions that have fueled the fighting. Breakdown of how the president of Turkey is making these moves to create more power for himself.

Hour 2: After the MN dentist was identified as the hunter that killed the beloved lion in Zimbabwe, PETA and others have come out incensed. Peta called for him to be charged and hanged. Cenk and Ana don’t like the rhetoric they used in protesting this act. Comparisons between our outrage over the killing of animals vs the killing of humans. Glenn Beck criticized Jimmy Kimmel’s tearful reaction to the killing of Cecil. More and more stories of women of color being found dead in police custody are becoming widely known. The latest is of Native American woman Sarah Lee Circle Bear dying in South Dakota police custody. A 911 dispatcher has resigned after dismissing an emergency caller that was tending to a friend that had just been shot. The caller lost patience with the operator, which caused him to hang up on her. The 17 year old kid that was shot ended up dying.

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Cenk hosting. The Daily Beast article that highlighted rape allegations in Donald Trump’s divorce proceedings with Ivana Trump have made headlines. She spoke about being being raped by Trump during the marriage after getting a bad and painful plastic surgery job. She has recently changed her interpretation of the rape, calling it totally without merit. Trump’s spokesperson came forward and sent a string of threats at the Daily Beast writer, including asserting that a person cannot rape their spouse. The spox had to eventually apologize for the profanity laced tirade against the writer. Cenk remembers the ad Trump ran in 1989 that called for the death penalty on 5 falsely accused Black men of rape in NYC.

A dentist from Minnesota has been identified as the man that killed a famous lion in Zimbabwe that was known to be friendly toward humans. He bribed someone $55K to lure the lion out of the national park before he shot him with a crossbow and eventually decapitated it. A new ruling allows women with a high level of testosterone to continue to compete against other women without. The phenomenon of “Moss Viewing” is picking up momentum in Japan, where many people gather to analyze and admire moss. Jayar gives his zapped theory on Japan again. San Francisco is trying to minimize their public urination problem by using a repellant paint that causes urine to bounce back onto the pisser.

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Cenk Uygur hosting the 1st hour.  Republicans reaction on guns to the movies.  Perry point of view is gun free zone. Sandra Bland good update there will be federal investigation.  Talking to a inmate….inmate said she was crying.  She was excited to get out of jail. She shouldn’t be in jail all because of traffic signal. Autopsy says 30 to 40 cuts on her arms and find a little drugs. Video of Elizabeth Hasselbeck proposing the possibility that Bland could’ve used her cigarette as a weapon on the cop. Mike Huckabee appeared on a Breitbart radio show and while speaking out about the Iran deal, he claimed Obama is ushering Israelis to the door of “the oven.” Audio of the outrageous comparison. Cenk dismantles Huckabee’s Iran stance with his own previous quotes that called for negotiations with them, to avoid war. Video of President Obama responding to the ridiculous rhetoric by Republican leaders. After being condemned by Jewish groups and even Conservatives, Huckabee stands by his comments, and doubled down. He released a tweet that restated the oven comment.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. New York Magazine cover shows 35 of Cosby’s 46 victims, along with one empty chair to signify the ones that have not yet come forward. A pastor spoke to his congregation about hypocritical judgemental Christians have towards gays when they break rules of the Bible all the time. Video of one part of the sermon. Pat Robertson tackled the problem of SCOTUS justices that ruled against God’s Will. Video of Pat telling a viewer that he can’t answer why God didn’t strike them down. Another video of Robertson claiming that the Justices brought into the rhetoric of Planned Parenthood that had plans of conducting eugenics on Black Americans.

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John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, Michael Shure and Jayar Jackson hosting today’s Power Panel. Details on the Lafayette Movie Theatre shooting, with accounts of the shooting from theatre patrons. Twitter posts by the shooter John Russell Houser are read showing his beliefs on racism and the political parties in America.  Before the Lafayette shooting, President Obama discusses his frustration of current gun laws in America. Fox News displays their take on the shooter, characterizing more of the shooting as a random situation and not examining it as a regular occurrence in America. John displays gun stats that goes against the Fox News narrative, along with Australia having the lowest gun homicide and America being Number 1.

Wyatt Cenac criticizes Jon Stewart over a Daily Show bit of Stewart’s impersonation of Herman Cain regarding Stewart’s tone of voice, Jon Stewart reacts harshly from Wyatt Cenac’s criticism by telling him to “fuck off”, but later apologises.

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Jimmy talks about how Chris Christie has turned his support from Springsteen and given it to Bon Jovi since Bruce has been making fun of him and Bridgegate. While more details emerge in the death of Sandra Bland, a voicemail she left a friend from jail has become public. Video of the friend playing the voicemail where she spoke about being puzzled that they arrested her for a minor traffic violation. Authorities have also claimed that she consumed or smoked a large amount of marijuana in the jail. Jimmy rants on the original stop and provocation from the officer. Trump is threatening to run as a 3rd Party candidate since the RNC keeps treating him like garbage. This comes right after he vowed to not run as a 3rd Party candidate. Jimmy points out that the GOP doesn’t like him because he exposes them as the ass kissers they have always been. Jeb Bush told a constituent that he is in favor of ending subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, as well as wind & solar so that future energy can be developed. Video of the exchange. Jimmy isn’t buying his assertion.

Real Sports revealed that the rate of domestic abuse cases among MMA fighters more than triples the cases among NFL players. AAJ Plus video on how the cost of living has skyrocketed while wages have gone down. Talk about how trickle down economics don’t work. NetFling is a dating app that gathers data from your Netflix viewing habits and matches you with a partner that has similar interests.

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Wired magazine released an article that illustrates how our cars can be hacked into and controlled remotely. They conducted the experiment on a Jeep. Dash cam video of the arrest of Sandra Bland have been released as well as video of the hallway leading to her jail cell where she was found dead. Rand Paul has decided to run an ad destroying the many pages of the tax code to look tough. Video of Zoolander destroying files on a computer. Ben Shapiro of Breitbart appeared on Dr. Drew’s show where he insulted Zoey Tur, a transgender reporter that called him a little boy several times during their debate. Video of the discussion. After the appearance, Shapiro asked to get escorted to his car after Tur threatened to put him in an ambulance.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. The NY Times has published an article calling out the campaign of deception on Planned Parenthood. Video of NYPD confronting and beating a 24 year old Black man on suspicion of stealing a piece of $3 pizza. Study showed that gamers who lose tend to attack female gamers the most. Kim Horcher joins the discussion.

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Cenk hosting. TYT adopts an iguana and asks the viewers to name it Iggy Azalea or Rick James. Cenk gives out the current results of the “Freak 16” and outrageous poll numbers on Donald Trump with a Washington Post/ABC Poll with the Don at the top with 24% and tapping into the base’s desire of wanting a “strong leader”, according to the poll. Lindsey Graham thinks he is in a fight with the Don, by stooping to his level with an appearance on CNN defending John McCain by calling Donald Trump a “jackass” and is pissed, the Don replys that he is a stiff an idiot, couldn’t get a job in the private sector and gives out Lindsey’s cell number on top of all that. Rush Limbaugh gives his observations and his love for The Don regarding his lack of an apology towards John McCain and veterans.

Cenk & Ana hosting. The conservative group looking to take down Planned Parenthood has released another secret taped video of a conversation about fetal tissue. Video of a negotiation about costs for shipping the tissue. The Conservative group’s “buyer” was the person that increased the price via negotiation. Another part of the video is where they discussed methods to abort fetuses and notifying the patient of the alternative method for scientific research. Cenk talks about how he’s evolved on the abortion issue.  A Right Wing Evangelical preacher traveled to Uganda, Russia, and Eastern Europe to spread his message of hate towards gay rights and push legislation to kill gay activists. Lots of anti-gay sentiment rose in these areas after this flood of hate was injected.

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Cenk hosting. Donald Trump calls John McCain a loser for being a POW and likes people that weren’t captured. Cenk doesn’t think this will run Trump out of the campaign even though many people think this is the end. Cenk illustrates it with What About Bob video. Video of Marco Rubio claiming that these comments disqualify Trump from the race. Cenk also remembers when the Bush campaign insinuated that McCain had an illegitimate Black daughter to Southern voters in the 2000 primary. Mitt Romney sent a shot at Trump via Twitter, forgetting that he sought out and got Trump’s endorsement in 2008. Video of their niceties. Lindsey Graham responded by defending McCain on the loser debate, and defending illegal immigrants that Trump offended. With all of the condemnation coming from GOPers toward Trump over his disrespectful words about a decorated hero like McCain, they didn’t have as much ire when they swiftboated John Kerry in the 2004 election. Video of Jake Tapper challenging one GOP Congressman on their swiftboating.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Latest developments on the group that put out the secretly filmed Planned Parenthood meeting about fetus organs. The group misrepresented itself in its tax status, deceiving the people that donate money to them. was hacked, revealing information of many of the customers, threatening to do more unless their demands were met to shut down the site. Discussion about what kind of group may be behind this, based on morality or just anger. After Gawker caught hell for running a story outing an executive that was being blackmailed by his secret gay prostitute, two managing editors have stepped down. Conversation about the immorality of outing a gay person for no reason.

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