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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from August 29th, 2017. For more go to

Hour 1: Ana and Michael. Trump boasts about large crowd in Corpus Christi. Joel Osteen finally open church to Harvey victims. Trump responds to Fox & Friends FEMA comments. Fox News spreads fake news about Harvey. Rep DeSantis proposes to kill Mueller probe.

Hour 2: Ana and Brett. Trump fires event organizer over small Phoenix crowd. 16-year-old suing Trump on trans military ban. Jury convicts cop who injured two teens after shooting at their car. NRA fashion show teaches how to carry guns. Texans in midst of Harvey refuse to abandon their pets. Domino’s and Ford to deliver pizza with driverless cars.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from August 28th, 2017. For more go to

Hour 1: Cenk and Ana. Hurricane Harvey hits Texas. Pence runs situation room. Trump pardons Arpaio. Trump lifts military gear ban for police. Trump growing frustrated with Tillerson.

Hour 2: Cenk, Ana and Brett. Man arrested for lying about being stabbed for looking like a Neo-Nazi. Flooded nursing home receives aid after photo goes viral. Trump pardons are a slippery slope. Taylor Swift gets symbolic in new music video. People put sunscreen on their eyes to watch eclipse. China won’t let people post online anonymously.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from August 25th, 2017. For more go to

Hour 1: Michael, Steve and Jimmy. Trump’s administration not ready for Hurricane Harvey. Economic advisor Gary Cohn considers resigning after Charlottesville. Trump blasts Morning Joe (again) on Twitter. Kasich and Hickenlooper 2020 unity ticket. Trump attacks Sen. Flake in Ward campaign ad. Anti-LGBT ministry suing SPLC.

Hour 2: Grace, Brett and Amberia. Terrified cheerleader forced to do splits. San Francisco dog owners prepare to protest Nazi rally. Dating apps crack down on white supremacists. Trump signs transgender military ban. Taylor Swift Ticketmaster program favors people with more money. James Cameron says Wonder Woman is bad for feminism.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from August 24th, 2017. For more go to

Hour 1: Cenk. Gas prices to rise as Hurricane Harvey heads towards Texas. Exxon Mobil deceived public on dangers of climate change. WH may raise debt ceiling to pay for the wall. Infrastructure advisers quit. Legislators propose laws that would allow running over protestors. John Kelly vets info for Trump. Blacks for Trump guy has checkered past.

Hour 2: Cenk and Ana. VA judge denies bail to crying Nazi. Chechen leader forces divorced couples to get back together. IA judge conspired with ICE to help her husband profit from private prisons. Comey to start at Howard University. Blacks and hispanics underrepresented at top colleges.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from August 23rd, 2017. For more go to

Hour 1: Cenk, Michael and Nomiki Konst. Outrageous moments from Trump’s AZ speech. James Clapper questions if Trump is fit for office. Trump feud with McConnell deepens.

Hour 2: Cenk and Ana. DNA test saves prisoner’s life. Duterte faces drug war revolt after killing of schoolboy. Saudi Arabian teenager arrested for dancing the Macarena in public. Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump. Woman serves firefighters the piglets they saved from a fire.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from August 22nd, 2017. For more go to

Hour 1: Cenk. Cleveland Browns take a knee for the anthem. Secret Service at the end of the rope with Trump. Trump considering a pardon for Arpaio. Trump wants to send more troops to Afghanistan. Trump calls out Pakistan.

Hour 2: Cenk and Ana. Steve Mnuchin’s wife goes off on Instagram. Another woman says she had underage sex with R. Kelly. NYPD still making low-level marijuana arrests. German police find Trump-shaped ecstasy.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from August 21st, 2017. For more go to

Hour 1: Trump stares at sun during eclipse. Chris Christie out of sports radio gig running. Alex Jones chases kid. Bannon gets revenge at Breitbart. People question Trump’s mental fitness.

Hour 2: Joss Whedon’s wife calls him hypocrite. Naval ship collision. Trump travel depletes Secret Service funds. “CEO of Purple Drank” sentenced to 30 years. Drug traffickers are using drones. Man stabbed for having “Nazi” haircut.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from August 18th, 2017. For more go to

Hour 1: Cenk, Ana and Michael. Trump fires Bannon. Bannon supporters furious with Trump. Maryland officials remove Dred Scott justice statue. Boston covers confederate statue with box. Bannon returns to Breitbart as Executive Chairman. Medical device spending. Charlottesville organizer in hiding.

Hour 2: Cenk, Ana and Cary Harrison. White supremacists upset over unexpected DNA results. Alt-right women prefer to let men lead. Bannon talks to press on his firing. DOJ warns states on danger of legalized pot. PETA settles with family after euthanizing dog.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from August 17th, 2017. For more go to

Hour 1: Cenk. Tragedy in Barcelona. Trump calls confederate statues “beautiful.” Trump rhetoric influenced by white supremacists. Most Republicans approve of Trump’s Charlottesville response. Bannon interview backfires. 7 Trump supporters stage weak Seattle protest. Scared Nazi strips his shame away.

Hour 2: Cenk and Ana. Dashcam shows cop violating woman for 11 minutes. Facebook shuts down anonymous employee forum. Trump keeps postponing regulations. Genetic testing threatens insurance industry. Peter Dinklage saves the dogs.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from August 16th, 2017. For more go to

Hour 1: Cenk and Ana. City of Baltimore confederate statue taken down. WH manufacturing council dissolves. Neo-nazi cries on livestream. White nationalists complain over lack of police protection. Trump lawyer insists he’s not racist by posting photos with black people.

Hour 2: Cenk, Ana and Brett. Shocking alt-right survey. KKK leader celebrates Charlottesville murder. Macklemore changes haircut after alt-right adopts it. ESPN apologizes for fantasy football gone wrong. Transgender ban could cost over $1B.

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