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After Fox’s terrorism analyst Steve Emerson caught hell for claiming that Birmingham England is ‘totally Muslim’ he was worried that his job is at stake and told the BBC about it. In reality, Fox News has been going crazy with the talking point of “No Go Zones.” Video of Hasselbeck talking with another expert about the no go zones, comparing them to breeding grounds like Afghanistan after 9-11. Video compilation of Fox News characters reiterating the term over and over since the attack. A guns group called The Truth About Guns conducted several simulations to find out what could’ve happened if the Charlie Hebdo offices had a gunman inside to respond to the attackers. They found that in every scene, the victims would’ve still died. After France’s Unity Rally in response to the terrorist attacks, the French government has arrested 54 people, including one well-known comedian for being anti-Semitic or “apologists for terrorists.”

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Update on the students that were assaulted by police after Ohio State won the national championship. Ana points out that there were many more fires and instances of violence being initiated by rowdy students. The reason they pepper sprayed the celebrating kids was because the fire trucks couldn’t get through to tend to the fires. Cenk and Ana argue, causing Cenk to ask for a poll from the TYT audience to decide. Videos of Nancy Grace arguing with rapper 2 Chainz about the legalization of marijuana. Ana believes that Nancy Grace is dangerous. NASCAR driver Kurt Busch is fighting a restraining order that has been placed against him by his ex girlfriend. He claims that the woman is a trained assassin, so he can’t hurt her the way she claimed. 

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