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The Young Turks - 1.30.15: Crying Republican, Gay Rights, NYTimes, Suge Knight & Belle Knox

Cenk, John, Jimmy, and Brian Unger hosting. An Idaho bill designed to discriminate against the LGBT community has been voted down, sparking a heartfelt speech from a Republican on the committee that was previously against gay rights. After nearly crying over his newfound compassion, he declared that he will still vote against their rights. The army found itself in the middle of a PR nightmare when they tweeted a message about “chinks in the armor of technology” causing them to immediately take it down. Cenk thinks that although the term, chinks in armor has nothing to do with an Asian slur, it still makes people’s mind go there, similar to niggardly.

Ana replaces John for SCS. A NYT editor responded to criticism of the mainstream media and admitted that they totally dropped the ball on reporting the real news after 9-11, not being aggressive enough in asking questions about going into the Iraq War. Suge Knight has turned himself in after running over two people while trying to leave the set of a movie. One of the victims died of his injuries. Former Duke student, turned porn actress Belle Knox is planning on starting up a political career as a Conservative, formulating her stances behind Ayn Rand.

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