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Hour 1: Johnny Pie and Jimmy Dore hosting. Deadly earthquake in Nepal over the weekend with a magnitude of 7.8 along with over 100 aftershocks as of today, making it difficult for relief workers to get to those who need help. Looking to cash in on the tragedy in Nepal, tweets from evangelical Christians are mentioning a life without Christ for causing the earthquake. Family and friends of Freddie Gray gathered over the weekend for his funeral, Freddie suffered a spinal injury from police brutality, some protesters caused property damage, along with the assault of a few journalists from the protesters.

Hour 2: Ana Kasparian & Karamo Brown hosting. Bruce Jenner has identified himself as transgender from an 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer last Friday along with negative tweets from Perez Hilton about Chris Jenner. Three Russian women were sentenced up to 15 days in jail, for their hooliganism, by dancing near a WW2 memorial.

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