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Hour 1: John Iadarola and Michael Shure hosting. Obama announces Cuba will be removed from terrorist list. John says the few that care, really care. Shure says Cuba is inconsequential toward the global fight against terrorism.

John reads a few tweets. Man lands a small helicopter on the lawn of the White House. Video of police running a man down in a vehicle. Dashcam video reveals it was intentional. Police chief says the collision was erring on the side of caution. Hillary attempts to relate to the average consumer in a speech. Michael says her biggest opponent is Hillary of ‘07. Fox News reacts to Hillary’s Chipotle visit.

Marco Rubio is pitching himself as the leader of “the future”. “Yesterday is over Rubio says. Leaders of yesterday want to take us back to yesterday”

Hour 2: Ana and Karamo hosting. Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots is found guilty on murder charges. students on spring break in Panama City Florida were witness to a gang rape of a girl on a public beach. The video taken of the assault helped police catch the 3 perpetrators.

A woman from Georgia let her 16 year old daughter throw a drunken party at her house. The mother is reported to have held a “naked twister” game and allegedly woke up with daughters 16 year old boyfriend having sex with her. Chris Hansen wants to re-vamp to catch a predator as an online show. A new instagram trend called baby roleplay has been discovered; posters steal pictures and videos from other parents and post them on their own sites as if they were their own children.

Kim and Kanye have stirred up controversy in Jerusalem. Picture taken of the couple had Kim blocked out by a restaurant receipt. Video of an underage college student winning a rock paper scissors game vs. a cop and gets out of underage drinking charge. Juxtapose to police playing basketball with a kid, getting beat and arresting the kid a day later.

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The Young Turks - 4.14.15: ISIS Rap Video, Religion, Chris Christie, Atlanta Teachers & Dennis Quaid

Hour 1: Cenk hosting. ISIS has released a propaganda rap video with images of brutal killings in the West, specifically in NYC. This imagery reminded Cenk of a Conservative group’s video that depicted a nuclear explosion in NYC. Both sides have the same objective to scare their viewers. A study of the most and least religious countries in the world show that Thailand is the most religious, with Armenia at #2. China is the least religious, with Japan coming in 2nd to last. Cenk is hopeful that eventually religion will come to an end. Both Bill O’Reilly and Rep Hank Johnson spoke separately about how it is “Open Season” on particular men in America. Johnson asserted that Black men are the targets, while O’Reilly thinks the targets are White men. Videos of each. Chris Christie has a new proposal on Social Security and Medicaid. He wants to cut it for seniors making over $80K and eliminate it for those making $200K. Cenk exposes how he’s acting like he’s appealing to the regular American, when he’s actually working for the super rich and corporations.

Hour 2: Ana joins Cenk for SCS. The 11 convicted teachers in Atlanta over the test cheating scandal have been sentenced. The 2 that took a plea deal got a few years, but the others that didn’t take it received 20 year sentences with at 7 years of the sentence behind bars. Video of actor Dennis Quaid going off on the crew of a movie set. There are rumors that this may be another Jimmy Kimmel fake viral video. Ana will boycott Kimmel and Quaid if this turns out to be the case. Denver TSA agents have been fired after they took part in a scandal to grope attractive male travelers. A Russian court has banned over 100 porn sites while defining legal distribution from a law established in the early 1900s.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from April 14, 2015. For more go to

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