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Hour 1: Jayar (Action) Jackson, Michael Shure, and Jimmy Dore hosting. The new TYT app is launched. President Obama gives a formal apology of a drone strike in Pakistan killing 1 American (Warren Weinstein) and 1 Italian (Giovanni Leporto), who were held as hostages. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal wrote an Op Ed piece, from the NY Times, regarding his views on anti gay legislation in Arkansas and Indiana. West Baton Rouge police officers are arguing against video evidence, of the tasing of Urban Edwards, who was arrested for wearing baggy pants.

Hour 2: Brett Erlich, Karamo Brown, and Jimmy Dore hosting. Update on the Popeye’s Chicken story on employee Melissa Holcomb who was given her job back, she was fired for giving a robber $400.00 from her register while having a gun pointed at her. Saudi Prince Ali Bin a Lali has offered Saudi fighter pilots Bentleys for bombing Yemen. A employee of the Fox talk show “The Real” removed two female audience members from the front row, because they were wearing hijabs. The Chinese government are cracking down on strippers performing at funerals.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from April 23, 2015. For more go to

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