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The Young Turks - 4.20.15: Good Cops, Estate Tax, Jon Stewart & Adderall

Hour 1: Cenk hosting. An Ohio cop avoided shooting and killing a suspect that was charging at him, telling him to shoot. Video of the confrontation that led to an arrest. Palmer, Missouri has elected its first female Black mayor, prompting several police officers and some city officials to resign. They quoted “safety concerns” as their reasoning. The Pope has announced a Green agenda that recognizes climate change and protecting the environment. Conservative writers and talkers lost their minds over this new point of view and agenda. A former female Air Force member broke up an anti-war protest that had participants walking on the American flag. Video of Michelle Manhart grabbing the flag and refusing to let go. Video of Manhart eventually being detained by police after resisting arrest. It turns out that Manhart has posed naked with the American flag, which is considered desecrating it. Pictures of her posing. Video of her PETA campaign where she wore the flag. The House has passed a bill to repeal the Estate Tax, to help only the .2% richest take in even more.

Hour 2: Becca Frucht joins Cenk for SCS. Jon Stewart spoke about leaving The Daily Show, pointing out that he’s tired of the depressing life of analyzing and responding to the annoying world of politics. Leaked emails showed that Ben Affleck asked PBS to not reveal that his ancestors were slave owners in a documentary they were creating. NYT article dives into the heavy use of Adderall in young professionals to focus at work. Cenk points out that he called this phenomenon out a few years ago.

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