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The Young Turks - 12.5.14: Police Brutality, Pundits, Eric Garner, Rolling Stone, Chris Rock & Grand Theft Auto V

Cenk hosts TYT. Cal State University Monterey Bay was dealing with a suicidal student that was wielding a knife until the cops showed up. One campus officer calmed the kid down by talking to him. When backup arrived, the others tased him when the original cop left the room to bring him a glass of water. When it was all over, the department suspended the campus officer and filed a ‘failure to act’ complaint on him for not using physical force on the kid. The latest on the NYC officer’s accidental shooting death of a resident in a dark building. It has been reported that after he accidentally shot the man, he was texting his Union Rep for hours to cover his ass, instead of taking emergency action to save his life. New extended videos of Eric Garner lying on the ground, not breathing after police applied a chokehold on him to put him in handcuffs. Some Conservative pundits did place all the blame on Eric Garner for his death. Video mashup of the deplorable excuses.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Rolling Stone magazine botched a gang rape story out of the University of Virginia by solely listening to one woman that claimed it happened to her. Chris Rock’s honest interview included his thoughts about the perceived Liberalism and lack of racism that runs Hollywood. Target and K-Mart stores in Australia have responded to a huge petition that asked to have Grand Theft Auto banned from their shelves due to the negative depiction of women in the game.

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The Young Turks - 12.4.14: War on Christmas, Police Brutality, Racism & Epic Wolf PAC Win!

Cenk hosts TYT. Bill O’Reilly has launched his annual War on Christmas segments. Videos of his Agnostic psychotherapist telling him why Atheists hate Christians and Christmas so much. WolfPAC has taken its 3rd state to call for a Constitutional Convention to take money out of politics, in Illinois! Eric Holder has announced that the DOJ will investigate the killing of Eric Garner by NYPD police. Audio of one of the witnesses to Garner’s death lamenting the killing, and wondering what the future holds for his son. Peter King spoke to CNN about how much he supports the non-indictment of the NY cop that killed Garner. He blamed his death on obesity and questioned the racial motives since no one used a racial epithet during the attack. Protesters in St. Louis were preparing to protest the Eric Garner decision, but an angry motorist drove through the crowd and waved an automatic handgun at the people involved. After a car chased by police, he was pulled over and arrested, not shot to death. St. Louis County police tweeted a letter that questioned the innocence of Tamir Rice in Cleveland, blaming him for taking the orange tip off of the toy gun. They also elaborated that they have to assume the gun is real before figuring anything out. Catfight between the Koch Brothers and Santa Claus. A city in Alaska named North Pole has the largest oil refinery, which is leaking into the water supply. The city is suing the two companies that are responsible, one of which is Koch Industries.

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