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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from March 16, 2018. For more go to

Hour 1: Feds tosses out rule requiring financial advisors to act in customers’ best interest. Pruitt huddled with coal exec who raised over $1M for Trump. Pence enters Inauguration, greets Steven Chancellor of White Stallion Energy.  Zinke, Pruitt, and Mnuchin spending. Libertarian candidate proposes arming homeless. Dem challenges Maine GOP behind ‘skinhead lesbian’ remark. 

Hour 2: Teens get ‘corporate punshment’ in AR for participating in Walkout. Penn professor: black students seldom graduate high in class. Prof on black law students. FL bridge collapse. Katy Perry kisses contestant.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from March 15, 2018. For more go to

Hour 1:
Walkout students go crazy at Sanders arrival. Bernie excitement at National Walkout Day. Mueller subpoenas Trump org. Kudlow economic adviser. Kudlow in 2011–Human toll in Japan worse than econ toll, good news. Senate Passes Bill To Deregulate Banks. Ana w/Bernie–Addresses the 16 Dems that voted for Bank deregulation. Germany looking to arrest Gina Haspel. Trump admits he lied at fundraising event. Trump admits he lied at fundraising event. Yale Experiment: turn conservatives into liberals.

Hour 2:
Trump wants to execute drug dealers, w/ some exceptions + finalizes opioid plan. Tucker Carlson links immigration to infertility in American men. Tucker Carlson falling wages leads to infertility and out of wedlock births. Women dont want dudes who dont make good money. Neo-Nazi Love Triangle.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from March 14, 2018. For more go to

Hour 1:
Cenk & John. National Student Walkout and marches. Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders both give speeches during the walkout.

A teacher accidentally discharged a firearm while teaching a public safety class, injuring one student at a Northern California school on Tuesday. Conor Lamb has beat Saccone in the Pennsylvania special election. Kilmead says Lamb won because of his attractiveness. DCCC troll bots against Bernie Sanders.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from March 13, 2018. For more go to

Hour 1:
Cenk. After months of disputes with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, President Trump removed him Tuesday and nominated CIA Director Mike Pompeo to head the State Department. Hours after his boss, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, was ousted Steve Goldstein, the undersecretary of public affairs at the State Department, has been fired by the White House.

Hour 2:
A 17-year-old victim in a series of deadly package bombs delivered to homes in Austin, Texas, was identified Tuesday as Draylen Mason, as a law enforcement source revealed the same person may have constructed the three devices. Mason, described by Austin Police Chief Brian Manley as an "outstanding young man who was going places with his life," was killed when a package on the porch of a Texas home exploded Monday morning. His mother is in stable condition. The name of a 75-year-old woman wounded in a second incident Monday has not been released. The bombings have shaken residents and cast suspicion on one of life's common occurrences: getting a package delivered to your doorstep. Schwarzenegger planning to sue oil companies.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from March 12, 2018. For more go to

Hour 1:
Cenk. Dems leading in PA special election. Millions of dollars in outside spending have engulfed Tuesday’s heated special election to fill Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, and 86 percent has benefited the Republican candidate, state Rep. Rick Saccone. Providing a sizeable chunk of the money behind this election’s spending is a very familiar conservative donor family that would like to keep a small-government conservative in the district: the billionaire Koch family.

Hour 2:
Cenk & Ana. In a rare interview on Sunday night, DeVos revealed that she still has a poor grasp on these subjects. There were plenty of cringe-inducing moments during the 13-minute 60 Minutes segment, from DeVos opting not to say whether she thinks the number of false accusations of sexual assault is as high as the number of actual assaults, to her declaration that the federal government has “invested billions and billions and billions of dollars from the federal level, and we have seen zero results.”

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from March 9, 2018. For more go to

Hour 1:
Cenk, Ana, Jimmy Dore, & Brett Erlich. TRUMP goes full MAGA. Tennessee GOP kills bill to ban child marriage. NRA suing the state of Florida. Republicans return the anti-gay First Amendment Defense Act to Congress. North Korea updates. Prosecutors no longer need to prove a cop acted with intentional malice. NRA gives more than $7 million in grants to schools.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from March 8, 2018. For more go to

Hour 1:
Cenk. Trump said his departing chief economic adviser Gary Cohn could someday return to his administration after making several hundred more million dollars. "He may be a globalist, but I still like him," Trump said of Cohn, who was sitting in the room and announced earlier this week he is resigning as director of the National Economic Council. "He is seriously a globalist, there is no question. But in his own way he's a nationalist because he loves our country." Sarah Huckabee Sanders reportedly made President Trump “upset” by revealing a bit too much during Wednesday’s press briefing.
When answering questions about Trump’s alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels and the $130,000 payout she reportedly received, Sanders commented, “This case has already been won in arbitration.” Cenk prediction: Tillerson leaving administration


Hour 2:
Cenk & Ana. The FBI paid Best Buy Geek Squad employees as informants, rewarding them for flagging indecent material when people brought their computers in for repair. Mark Cuban is denying a 2011 allegation of sexual assault after a weekly alternative newspaper in Oregon published details of a case that prosecutors didn't pursue, saying they didn't believe there was evidence to support the claim.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from March 7, 2018. For more go to

Hour 1:
Cenk & John. The most striking thing about the much-hyped Texas primaries is how ordinary they actually were. That was the message from the Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith, who has been following the state’s politics for the better part of three decades, when I spoke with him by phone. At the end of the day, 1.5 million Republicans voted in the primary and 1 million Democrats did. Despite the blue Texas hype and anti-Trump national environment, Republicans held a 500,000-vote advantage once all the ballots were counted. “Democrats like to say Texas is not a red state, it’s a nonvoting state. Fine. But the fact that it’s a nonvoting state means that it’s a red state,” Smith, the Tribune’s CEO, told me. “At the end of the day, yesterday was more or less a regular Texas election. More Republicans turned out than Democrats.” Sen. Ted Cruz said Wednesday that his re-election campaign was "just having a sense of humor" when it released a radio ad teasing Rep. Beto O'Rourke, who won the Democratic primary, for going by Beto rather than his given name, Robert. "In terms of the jingle, some of it is just having a sense of humor," Cruz told CNN's "New Day." "We had some fun with it."
Cruz, meanwhile, goes by Ted instead of his given name -- Rafael Edward Cruz.
"You're absolutely right. My name is Rafael Edward Cruz," Cruz acknowledged. "I am the son of my father Rafael Cruz, an immigrant from Cuba who came to Texas with nothing."


Hour 2:
Adult film star Stormy Daniels sued President Donald Trump on Tuesday, alleging that he never signed a nondisclosure agreement that his lawyer had arranged with her. Stephanie Clifford, known professionally as Stormy Daniels, signed both the agreement and a side letter agreement using her professional name on Oct. 28, 2016, just days before the 2016 presidential election. Cohen signed the document the same day. Both agreements are appended to the lawsuit as Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2. The "hush agreement," as it's called in the suit, refers to Trump throughout as David Dennison, and Clifford as Peggy Peterson. In the side letter agreement, the true identity of DD is blacked out, but Clifford's attorney, Michael Avenatti, says the individual is Trump.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from March 6, 2018. For more go to

Hour 1:
Cenk & Ana. Trump rebuffed claims Tuesday that his White House is in chaos amid reports of high-profile departures and discord within the top ranks of the West Wing.
"The new Fake News narrative is that there is CHAOS in the White House. Wrong! People will always come & go, and I want strong dialogue before making a final decision," Trump tweeted. "I still have some people that I want to change (always seeking perfection). There is no Chaos, only great Energy!" The Turnbull government admits it has no idea if Australia will be exempt from US president Donald Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminium imports, despite claiming last year that it would escape the levies. Ministers have warned that the tariffs could spark a trade war and lead to global recession, and say Australian officials are scrambling to learn the details of the plan. World stock markets tumbled on Friday after Trump announced he would next week impose tariffs of 25% on steel imports and 10% on imported aluminium, in an attempt to shield local manufacturers from global competition. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has quietly begun allowing more trophy hunting of African elephants, despite President Donald Trump’s pledge last year to uphold a ban on importing parts of animals killed by big-game hunters.

Hour 2:
Actress Amber Tamblyn faces backlash after Tweeting that Hasidic Jews in New York City are targeting her. Of six crash reports involving robot cars filed in California so far this year, two involved a human approaching the car and attacking it.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from March 3, 2018. For more go to

Hour 1:
Cenk. Former Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore is asking his supporters for $250,000 to help fund his legal expenses. A new New Yorker profile of Trump-Russia dossier author Christopher Steele reports on a lesser-known memo the former MI-6 spy allegedly discussed with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators. According to the report, in late November 2016, Steele relayed information from his Russian sources that senior Kremlin officials had intervened to block Mitt Romney as President-elect Trump’s choice for secretary of State. Reporter Jane Mayer writes that Moscow had asked Trump to appoint someone who would be willing to lift sanctions related to Ukraine and cooperate with Russia’s involvement in Syria. Romney, long a vocal hawk on Russia, declined to comment for the report. The White House said the former GOP presidential nominee was never a first choice for the job, and declined to comment on “any communications that the Trump team may have had with Russia on the subject.”

Former Trump aide refusing to testify and says Trump and Russia did not collude--saying Putin is too smart to collude with Trump. Says it would be funny if Mueller arrests him for not going over emails and says he is not going to go to jail.

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