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The Young Turks - 10.23.14: Fox News Sexism, Voting, Texas History Books & Halloween

Cenk hosts TYT today. After model Chrissy Teigen tweeted about government shooting in Ottawa, comparing how regularly this happens in America. Videos of Fox News being shocked about her words, along with Andrea Tantaros saying that she’s just a dumb model with a nice bottom that doesn’t know what she’s talking about. They lamented her political point, right before making their political point. Notoriously insane NH lawmaker Steve Vaillancourt senselessly spoke out against a Democratic candidate, claiming that she is ugly as sin, and therefore can’t get elected. In response, a website has popped up to unelect him from his position. North Korea has announced travel bans from any foreign people planning on going to the country to avoid ebola spreading to their land. Iowa Sen candidate Joni Ernst has had some video from 2012 at the NRA surface where she vowed to use her handgun to fight the government if they try to limit her rights. Local NC Republicans are taking away a specific early voting place that is home to many college students that have gone Democratic lately, in hopes of eliminating their vote. Fox News’ Kim Guilfoyle said that young women voting is not a good idea because they don’t understand life, and should go back to Tinder and The Wall St. Journal published Karl Rove’s piece that begged billionaires make one more money push to help the GOP win the upcoming election, resulting in 21 billionaires giving $20 million. Although GOP got this cash, Democrats got $5 million less from just 11 billionaires, illustrating how truly America has transitioned into an Oligarchy.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Texas history books have continued to push whitewashed versions of historical moments in America. One tactic tries to get students to question the Separation of Church & State. The books also redefine the institution of slavery and its impact on the Civil War. They also pushed capitalism as the only viable economic system. A Nebraska school district is allowing students to take school pictures with their guns, as long as it’s done tastefully. Some have a problem with it, but Ana thinks it may be ok. Cenk completely disagrees, and says it looks like the Taliban. Halloween companies pull in billions of dollars from candy & costume sales. $350 million is used just on costumes for their pets. Mother’s Day and Valentines Day actually pull in double the amount that Halloween does. Ana hates Halloween because there’s too much pressure to dress up.

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