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Hour 1:
Cenk & Kyle Kulinski. Republican state lawmakers in Florida called on Sunday for the suspension of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, accusing him of “incompetence and neglect of duty” in the months before the Feb. 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran and 73 Republican colleagues urged Gov. Rick Scott (R) to suspend Israel, a Democrat who was reelected in 2016 and has said he would not resign over his agency’s handling of one of the country’s deadliest school shootings. “Sheriff Israel failed to maintain a culture of alertness, vigilance and thoroughness amongst his deputies,” Corcoran wrote in a letter released Sunday. “As a result of Sheriff Israel’s failures, students and teachers died.” New poll numbers on gun control: around 70% approve stricter gun control. 76% want to ban mental people for guns; 73% banning ar-15s; 90% want stronger background checks.

Chinese state-owned chemical firm now has avenue to influence elections. Carrier to lay off 1,000s of jobs, despite Trump promising to protect jobs.

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