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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from January 16th, 2018. For more go to

Hour 1:
Cenk presents. People who will be talking to the House Intel Commission. Mueller subpoena’s Bannon. Trump’s doctor says he could live to 200. Joe Scarborough attacks Democrats that capitulate to Trump. Continued “shithole” drama. Lots of foggy recollections. Trump’s Homeland Security Chief isn’t sure if Norway is predominantly white. Jim Acosta asks Trump what kinds of immigrants he does want in the US. Democrats may reverse net neutrality. Gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.

Hour 2:
Cenk and Ana present. 30 year resident of USA deported. Congress fights Jeff Sessions to protect states that legalized marijuana. Four police shot while responding to domestic disturbance call. Aziz Ansari accusations, and a nuanced discussion. HLN host blasts Aziz accuser. California couple arrested for torturing 13 kids. Birth control app used to prevent pregnancy, but some people didn’t get that result. Fox News guest says revealing Trump’s racism undermines our trust in him.

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