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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from January 11th, 2018. For more go to

Hour 1:
Cenk presents. Feinstein backtracks her recent actions, blaming it on her cold. NYC divesting from fossil fuels and suing Shell and other companies over climate change. Pennsylvania losing coal jobs in spite of promises. Trump flip flops on his views of the NSA, and Bret Baier calls him on it. Fox and Friends plays a role. Governor Greitens faces affair and blackmail allegations. Trump blocks immigrants from “shithole” countries.

Hour 2:
Cenk and Ana present. Walmart gives bonuses and raises minimum wages, but closes down Sam’s Club. Florida University has a controversial class on racism, with a police guard standing outside. Bernie Sanders does a town hall on Medicare for all, and is interviewed by Ana Kasparian. An update on a teacher arrested for asking a question during a board meeting. Jeff Sessions doing away with Obama order to stop putting people in prison for citations.

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