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Hour 1: Cenk. The former head of the Pentagon’s secret, $22 million UFO-hunting program says aliens may have visited Earth. “My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone,” Luis Elizondo, former leader of the so-called Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program noting he does not speak for the federal government. A clip of one of President Donald Trump’s federal judicial nominees struggling to answer rudimentary questions about the law garnered well more than 1 million views in a matter of hours on Thursday night and stoked speculation that another of the president’s nominations might get derailed. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., shared footage of Matthew Petersen, a nominee for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, getting quizzed by Sen. John Neely Kennedy, R-La., on basic aspects of trial procedure during his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Video of the interaction. Trump was considering rescinding Gorsuch’s nomination.

Hour 2: Cenk & John. More information on the tax bill. Houses passes the bill and Senate will decides its fate tonight. Corporate tax loophole they said would be closed but are not. Electrical vehicles will get tax breaks and companies will no longer get tax breaks for providing employees lunch.

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