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Hour 1: Cenk. Tillerson’s story vs. Trump’s on Russian sanctions. Trump says Comey released classified info by leaking memo. Trump Jr. meeting with Russian lawyer. Ex watergate prosecutor & ex Bush ethics lawyer: potential for treason. Priebus says set up by Democrats. Poll: Should Trump be removed from office if collusion with the Russians is proven regarding the leaked DNC emails?. Trump proposes cyber-security unit with Russia then backpedals. Comcast and its cable channels fail to disclose extensive lobbying against net neutrality.

Hour 2: Cenk & Ana. Ivanka sits in for Trump during G-20 meeting. Baton Rouge officer sues BLM over Gavin Long ambush of cops. Cities with highest African American populations rely on regressive taxation. Sex party in Australia, man and woman shot by cops. Man battles rare cancer, uses skin grafts to reconstruct face.

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