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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from July 6th, 2017. For more go to

Hour 1: Cenk & John. Walter Isaacson on media helping to divide nation. WH discussing Time Warner/AT&T merger to leverage CNN. Missouri GOPers lower St. Louis minimum wage. Pelosi’s gotta go, plan to treat Sanders supporters as 2nd class. Cruz proposal causes GOP tensions. Trump supporter tries to frame left-winger by spray painting elementary school w/ liberal hate. Prep for Trump’s meeting with Putin. Trump’s handshake rejected by Poland president’s wife.

Hour 2: Cenk & Brett Erlich. Hobby Lobby caught trying to import ancient artifacts, forced to pay $3M in fines. House has new dress-code for women, no sleeveless dresses. Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna revenge porn. 2 Asian-American actors leave CBS show Hawaii Five-0 because not paid as much as other co-stars. You can now snort chocolate.

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