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Hour 1:
John and Ana are hosting. There was a murder-suicide at a San Bernardino elementary school. Huge distances of the Great Barrier Reef are now bleached. Egypt has imposed a state of emergency after a series of church bombings on Palm Sunday. Following a meeting with Chinese president, Trump said he made “tremendous progress” on a number of issues. The Chinese state-run news agency said the syrian bombings were that of a “weakened man who wanted to flex his muscles.” Nikki Haley says there will be large consequences to the Assad regime. Ana says Russia will probably take no part in getting Assad out of office or supporting a regime change. Rex Tillerson believes it is up to the people of Syria to decide whether or not they want regime change, not the U.S. John says that the Syrian people have lost this ability largely due to Russian interference. Ana believes that there’s not way Trump will be able to unite his administration to make unified decisions on what to do in Syria. Ana questions the judgment of those who say Trump firing the missiles makes him look “presidential”.

John reads tweets. Donald Trump may have profited from the Syrian missile strikes in Syria. He may have sold his Raytheon stocks between 2015 and now, but we don’t know that. Even if Trump personally doesn’t own these stocks anymore, there’s no doubt those close to him do. Ana says anyone who invests in stocks and wants to see their investments grow, the best stock to invest in to make money is in military weaponry. John says we need to fight for more transparency in Trump’s financially dealings, and mentioned the marches going on on Tax Day against Trump. Ana says many people don’t realize how dangerous Trump’s conflicts of interest can be, especially when it comes to military decisions. Many of Trump’s supporters are blaming Trump’s attacking Syria on the Jews. Ana says she doesn’t understand how someone like Alex Jones can claim to be anti-government while he worships the ground Trump walks on.

John reads tweets. A 22-year-old college stupid gets slammed to the ground by a cop. John and Ana discuss how the woman was obviously not posing enough of a threat to warrant the treatment she received. The LA Times had a breakdown of the money spent on police settlements in Los Angeles, which taxpayers have to cover. Ana says this story shows that that bad police behavior affects all of us. Jon and Ana talk about the importance of changing the way police are trained, which is much more possible at a local level.

Hour 2: Ana and John are hosting. John reads tweets. United Airlines dragged a man off a flight who refused to give up his seats since the flight was overbooked. They show a video that was filmed of the incident. Ana is frustrated by this situation because people, despite buying plane tickets, get kicked off flights all the time, because flights always overbook. John says this video perfectly illustrate the relation between regular people and corporations in this country. 20th Century Fox agrees to investigate the sexual harassment claims against Bill O’Reilly. The investigation comes after a complaint made to the company’s corporate phone line by a former frequent guest on Fox News. John and Ana don’t think the statements made by Fox News over the issue are sincere and genuine. O’Reilly’s viewership has increased substantially since these allegations were released.

Ana reads tweets. Fox and Friends hosts a segment on how to clean your home, featuring women in tight dresses. Ana says it’s ridiculous for a news show to teach you how to clean. The songs “Yakkety Yak” is playing in the background as they clean, a song telling women to shut up and clean or they won’t get money to spend. It’s especially creepy when one of the hosts says he’s going to enjoy watching the women clean. Ana says this is especially problematic in the midst of Fox News dealing with Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes’ sexual harassment allegations. British Columbia has made an amendment to a law, now banning companies from requiring employees to wear heels to work. Ana recounts her own experience in work where she was expected to look/dress a certain way. Florida police officer, in an effort to scare heroin dealers, made an interesting video and posted it to their Facebook page. Ana says that the opioid epidemic is a serious problem, and this video does nothing to help solve the problem. It makes a joke of it. More than 400 architects have submitted plans for Trump’s border wall. Some of the proposals include toxic waste, moats, motions sensors, etc. John proposes his idea for the border wall design.

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