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Hour 1: Cenk and John is hosting. There are 45 companies that are pull back because of Bill O’Reilly because of sexual harassment factor. North Korea did another missile test. Yesterday Syria there was chemical attack, many of them were children. This was the worst chemical attack ever in Syria. Trump blames Obama for Syria attacks. Trump said that he will carry out the responsible of Syria. According to Trump’s twitter, he was tell Obama not do nothing with Syria. Trump said this attack crossed many lines. His mind has been about Assad. Nikki Haley speak out on deadly Syria chemical attack. Russia is responsible for chemical weapons.

Steven Bannon has been kicked out of NSC. Bannon move come alongside a broader NSC shake -up the restores the traditional roles and power of the chairman of Joint Chief of Staff. Bannon tried to portray his removal in the positive possible light. McMaster has also told the NSC staff that he opposed the term radical Islamic terrorism. Because it mistakenly implies the militants are being true to religion. Senator Jeff Merekly filibuster on Gorsuch. He spoke for 15 hours.

Trump can withdraw money from his Trust with no plenty. He is going to give his business to his sons. His lawyer said he is isolating himself from his business. In the paper work his able to communicate with his son about withdrawing money, yet he will communicating with his son about businesses.

Hour 2: Cenk and Ana is hosting. The public service job program is to suppose to help out Student who have student loan however the program to wipe out student loans isn’t going to cancel the debt . The federal government approved this program in the 2007. The borrower has filed a lawsuit. Several women filed lawsuit against Judith Slater from Fox News to due racism discrimination. Several women discuss their encounter with Judith Slater’s racial acts. Teen got accepted to Stanford for writing Black Live Matter 100 times at application, but it was part of the essay. The teen has done impressive thing in his community. He was accepted to other Top School. Also, he started a nonprofit organization.

Pepsi pull an ad. Show attractive people holding milquetoast sigh non nonspecific please like join the conversation. Kendrall Jenner sparks outrage by mocking a protest that occur. Kendrall offers a Pepsi to a police officer gratefully accepts it however that doesn’t happen in protest. Honey Boo Boo’s mother lost 300 pounds with surgery and plastic surgery.

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