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Hour 1: Cenk hosting. Neil Gorsuch hearings are still ongoing. Democrat Joe Donnelly isn’t putting up a fight. Cenk says that what Donnelly is doing is not going to make people want to vote for Dems because he’s saying the Dems are wrong. Cenk presents “Stand” poll and “No Gorsuch” poll. Dems have decided they’re going to filibuster Neil Gorsuch, and they have the numbers to do so. Republican senators criticize Dems for this. Cenk says GOP only like and respected filibustering when it benefitted them. GOP acts as though the Dems are going to make the GOP take away the filibuster. Even mainstream media is stating this and blaming Dems. Bernie Sanders has started an online show, racking up millions of views. The mainstream media hasn’t covered any of it. Bernie talks about issues like voter fraud and climate change.

Hour 2: Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur hosting. Cenk reads names of donors and promotes Aspiration Bank. New sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Fox News and Roger Ailes. Julie Roginsky alleged that Ailes commented on her personal life and attractiveness and ‘insisted on a kiss ‘hello’ during private meetings with Roginsky. When she refused his advances, Roginsky alleged, Ailes refused to meet with her and took her out of regular rotation on Fox’s “The Five.” Like O’Reilly, Ailes offers women success in their work in exchange for sexual relations. Judge will not drop lawsuit against Trump for inciting violence during rallies. The judge said that Trump urging his supporters to get certain audience members at his rally “out of here” made him partially responsible for the violence that ensued. More than 100 gay men have been detained and at least three have been killed by authorities in Chechnya, according to a Russian newspaper. Not only did Chechen leader deny such events, but he claimed that there are now gay people in Russia.

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