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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from June 7, 2016. For more go to

Hour 1: AP celebrates history of 1st female nominee for president. Cenk says AP calling race based on superdelegates. After tonight’s results, Cenk will detail options Bernie Sanders. Business magazine reports Trump filed for tax break that benefits people making under $500K/year. Attorney general of Florida Pam Bondi drops lawsuit against Trump Univ. Speaker Paul Ryan calls Trump racist, yet still supports him. Jeffrey Lord tells CNN Paul Ryan is racist for calling out Trump.

Hour 2: Controversy surrounding rapist Stanford swimmer. Police refuse to release mugshots. Today, prosecutor’s office releases photo showing him drunk. Ana details the story of Black football player wrongfully accused of rape. Trump biography being held back from reprint by publisher due to Ivanka Trump’s account of Trump raping her. Author said publisher’s lawyer is keeping it in the dark. Secret recording of White high school students exposes their racism.

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