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Hour 1: Cenk hosting. President Obama has reversed his position on Social Security benefits, now advocating to increase the program. Cenk talks about how Obama has finally come to this conclusion after 7 years of being stonewalled by Republicans despite his grand desire to bring both sides together. WolfPAC update from Rhode Island. The WGC usually has its golf tournament at Trump’s Doral course, but the PGA has decided to move the tournament to Mexico City. Video of Trump complaining to Hannity about the move, hoping that they now have kidnapping insurance. Video of the PGA Commissioner denying that the move has anything to do with politics. Cenk talks about how this actually does have something to do with Trump being a polarizing figure that would lead to them losing money. Updates on the UCLA murder/suicide yesterday. After police found his suicide letter, they discovered that he he had a kill list, which included a woman in Minnesota that authorities found dead. The shooter legally bought his weapons in Minnesota, shot his ex girlfriend, travelled to California, then carried out the UCLA killing. Cenk talks about how this shooting hit close to home for him.

MSNBC has announced that they are going to be leaning more to the right. It seems that their main objective is to be malleable enough to go with whomever is in power. Their print ad brags that people might accuse them of leaning too far to the right with images of all the Conservatives they’re bringing in. Susan Sarandon spoke to TYT Politics about the way the media approaches the campaign. The NY Attorney General went on ABC and MSNBC to talk about how much of a fraud Trump University was. Videos of Schneiderman talking about the explicit nature of the fraud, from top to bottom. Bernie Sanders’ lack of desire in going after Hillary Clinton even harder. Video of Susan Sarandon detailing some of Clinton’s least Progressive moments. Video of Sanders going soft on specific ways Hillary Clinton was affected by her Wall Street payouts. Video of Bernie telling Cenk during the TYT interview that his campaign isn’t going after her email scandal because they want to avoid personal attacks. Cenk talks about how nearly everything sticks to Hillary, so going after her just might work. Video of Hillary’s sub par answer on the email scandal after the State Dept ruled that she broke the rules.

Hour 2: Ana joins Cenk for SCS. The Guardian conducted a study to highlight the number of American cities that have issues with water contamination, and simply look the other way. Toxicology reports have shown that Prince died of an accidental opioid overdose. This news comes on the same day when it’s been shown that death rates have spiked, particularly due to prescription pain meds. Marijuana studies show that marijuana has little to no effect on lungs. Kenneth Starr has stepped down as Chancellor of Baylor after news has broken that the University has covered up many cases of sexual abuse and assault. Ana sees the hypocrisy of Starr’s history with going after Bill Clinton and his connection to covering up sexual assault for his University’s purposes.

The state of Texas is mad at the national weather service for calling a sand storm as a “haboob”. Gordon Thirring has won a legal battle against the state of Mississippi to eat her own placenta after her pregnancy.

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