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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from December 31, 2015. For more go to

Hour 1: Cenk hosting. Update: Wolf Pac now has 531 new members and will now hire 3 volunteers as employees of Wolf Pac. Firefighters battled a massive blaze that engulfed a luxury hotel in Dubai Thursday night, while a spectacular New Year’s fireworks display lit up the night sky nearby. Conservative commentator Mark Steyn ,who is filling in Rush Limbaugh, is making a stretch of comparing the Clintons to Bill Cosby and why Bill Cosby is finished,but Bill Clinton is still loved. Comedic actor Jerry Lewis has made some recent comments about Syrian refugees by saying “they should stay where the hell they are”.

Hour 2: Cenk and Hannah Cranston of Think Tank hosting. Carrie Fisher giver her remarks on recent comments from haters, about her age and body image. Fox News host Gregg Jarrett makes comments about a victim of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault, saying the victim willing took drugs during the rape. New Hampshire state representative Amanda Baldwin is defending women’s right for breastfeeding in public. Dog owner Steve Roseman tricks the internet, from his Facebook post into thinking that his dog has scars and burns.

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