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The Young Turks - 1.30.15: Crying Republican, Gay Rights, NYTimes, Suge Knight & Belle Knox

Cenk, John, Jimmy, and Brian Unger hosting. An Idaho bill designed to discriminate against the LGBT community has been voted down, sparking a heartfelt speech from a Republican on the committee that was previously against gay rights. After nearly crying over his newfound compassion, he declared that he will still vote against their rights. The army found itself in the middle of a PR nightmare when they tweeted a message about “chinks in the armor of technology” causing them to immediately take it down. Cenk thinks that although the term, chinks in armor has nothing to do with an Asian slur, it still makes people’s mind go there, similar to niggardly.

Ana replaces John for SCS. A NYT editor responded to criticism of the mainstream media and admitted that they totally dropped the ball on reporting the real news after 9-11, not being aggressive enough in asking questions about going into the Iraq War. Suge Knight has turned himself in after running over two people while trying to leave the set of a movie. One of the victims died of his injuries. Former Duke student, turned porn actress Belle Knox is planning on starting up a political career as a Conservative, formulating her stances behind Ayn Rand.

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The Young Turks - 1.29.15: Sarah Palin vs. O'Reilly, Comcast, Code Pink & Cliven Bundy

Cenk hosting. The Sarah Palin/Bill O’Reilly catfight continues. After Bill teased her running for president as a reality show, she bashed him as a quasi right winger. He responded by calling out her being on a reality show and said she shouldn’t get offended when no offense was intended. Another Conservative catfight is between Huckabee and Megyn Kelly after he lamented the cursing that he experienced in NYC from trashy women. After she gave Huckabee a pass for the entire segment, she did point out that women are drinking, smoking, and having premarital sex. A 3rd catfight sparked up between CNN’s morning shows and Morning Joe of MSNBC. CNN took out a full page NYT ad that brags about both of their morning shows beating Morning Joe for many consecutive months. Cenk brags about TYT’s numbers in comparison to both networks. Code Pink protested a Senate Hearing with Henry Kissinger and John McCain, demanding for Kissinger to be arrested for war crimes. Video of the protest, and McCain calling them lowlife scum before ‘profusely’ apologizing to Kissinger. Cliven Bundy’s son has been arrested after the police caught up with him on an outstanding warrant. He was arrested after verbally and physically resisting the police.

Comcast’s plan to boost its character with the public includes making paid off politicians write glowing pre-written letters to the FCC about the company’s planned merger with Time Warner. Cenk explains how this scam is formulated to get the corporation what it wants right in front of the American people. Cenk predicts that these companies desire to control the internet via Net Neutrality won’t work. He explains that the internet will be regulated like public utilities, which aren’t subject to donations to grease the wheels. Cenk thinks that the deciding factor in favor of Net Neutrality is the number of huge investors from Silicon Valley that have money invested in internet development, so they know who’s actually in favor of equal access; not the Republicans.

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The Young Turks - 1.29.15: Palin, Hannity, Huckabee, Bad Cop, Michelle Obama & Facebook

Cenk and John hosting, the “Turkish Pie” hour. Now that Palin has shown her ass even more with her disjointed speech in Iowa, even Conservatives like Bill O’Reilly went after her with a teaser making fun of her potentially running for President as a reality show. Video of Palin responding by calling Fox News a quasi right wing network. Video of Sean Hannity tepidly asking Palin if her teleprompter went out at her horribly delivered Iowa speech. After pushing back at the media for asking such questions, Hannity surrendered and claimed to not be a part of that bunch. Video of Hannity losing his mind over Obama’s teleprompters. Cenk brings up how lost President Bush was without his teleprompter. The American Sniper bickering has reached Howard Dean after he called the movie-goers angry and Tea Party types. After he was criticized for these thoughts, he came back with an apology for offending the military, but not the rabid Right Wingers on Twitter coming for him. Mike Huckabee continues to push a folksy character as he begins his run for President. Video of Huckabee claiming that guns weren’t in schools when Bibles were there.  John points out that in churches, where there are tons of Bibles and praying, violence in churches are on the rise. Video of Huckabee claiming that as we get away from the Bible and the objective word of truth, the worse off we are as a society.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Update on the police officer that was busted for stealing risque pictures of a female DUI driver. He has been convicted and sentenced to probation and community service. When President Obama and the First Lady went to Saudi Arabia for King Abdullah’s funeral, Michelle was seen not wearing the headdress and robe that they hand out for women to wear. After FB’s Mark Zuckerberg wrote in favor of freedom of speech after the Charlie Hebdo attack, especially on Facebook, he has caved to pressure from Turkey that told him to censor anyone posting images of Muhammad.

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John Iadarola & Hannah Cranston!

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Soccer news with Francis Maxwell.

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The Young Turks - 1.22.15: Senate on Climate Change, Joni Ernst, Mitt Romney vs. Huckabee & Marijuana News

Ben, Ana, and Iadarola hosting. The Senate passed an amendment to the Keystone Pipeline bill that declared climate change is not a hoax. Only one Senator voted against it. Sen Jim Inhofe voted in favor of this amendment, but took to the Senate floor later in the day to call climate change a hoax. BP tweeted that climate change is indeed real, but it has been taken down. Additionally, Mitt Romney admitted that he’s one of those Republicans that believes climate change is real. GOP Senators overwhelmingly rejected amendments that used the term “significantly” when describing human contributions to climate change. Ben points out that Romney and Jeb Bush met this week, possibly to talk about their separate plans to run for president. After Joni Ernst responded to the SOTU address with a poor upbringing story, it has been discovered that her family received nearly $500K in farm subsidies. She also debated that she is against subsidies while campaigning. Video of Mitt Romney’s ad that targeted Mike Huckabee with a Willie Horton-style message, that he never ran in the 2008 campaign. Ben talks about the horrible details of the serial rapist Huckabee released in Arkansas.

Facebook looks to combat scam stories and inaccurate news stories that mislead many users. The reporting of false news stories would be reported by other users, and after enough users have reported a story as fake, it would be eliminated. The potential problem with this new policy is that disagreeable users will just flag a story that is against their views, but not fake or misleading. As marijuana gets discussed more for legalization, the question of whether or not it can be considered a performance enhancing drug, as it helps some people focus and lower anxiety. Jamaica is considering decriminalizing marijuana.

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