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The Young Turks - 12.5.14: Police Brutality, Pundits, Eric Garner, Rolling Stone, Chris Rock & Grand Theft Auto V

Cenk hosts TYT. Cal State University Monterey Bay was dealing with a suicidal student that was wielding a knife until the cops showed up. One campus officer calmed the kid down by talking to him. When backup arrived, the others tased him when the original cop left the room to bring him a glass of water. When it was all over, the department suspended the campus officer and filed a ‘failure to act’ complaint on him for not using physical force on the kid. The latest on the NYC officer’s accidental shooting death of a resident in a dark building. It has been reported that after he accidentally shot the man, he was texting his Union Rep for hours to cover his ass, instead of taking emergency action to save his life. New extended videos of Eric Garner lying on the ground, not breathing after police applied a chokehold on him to put him in handcuffs. Some Conservative pundits did place all the blame on Eric Garner for his death. Video mashup of the deplorable excuses.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Rolling Stone magazine botched a gang rape story out of the University of Virginia by solely listening to one woman that claimed it happened to her. Chris Rock’s honest interview included his thoughts about the perceived Liberalism and lack of racism that runs Hollywood. Target and K-Mart stores in Australia have responded to a huge petition that asked to have Grand Theft Auto banned from their shelves due to the negative depiction of women in the game.

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from December 21, 2014. For more go to

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The Young Turks - 12.4.14: War on Christmas, Police Brutality, Racism & Epic Wolf PAC Win!

Cenk hosts TYT. Bill O’Reilly has launched his annual War on Christmas segments. Videos of his Agnostic psychotherapist telling him why Atheists hate Christians and Christmas so much. WolfPAC has taken its 3rd state to call for a Constitutional Convention to take money out of politics, in Illinois! Eric Holder has announced that the DOJ will investigate the killing of Eric Garner by NYPD police. Audio of one of the witnesses to Garner’s death lamenting the killing, and wondering what the future holds for his son. Peter King spoke to CNN about how much he supports the non-indictment of the NY cop that killed Garner. He blamed his death on obesity and questioned the racial motives since no one used a racial epithet during the attack. Protesters in St. Louis were preparing to protest the Eric Garner decision, but an angry motorist drove through the crowd and waved an automatic handgun at the people involved. After a car chased by police, he was pulled over and arrested, not shot to death. St. Louis County police tweeted a letter that questioned the innocence of Tamir Rice in Cleveland, blaming him for taking the orange tip off of the toy gun. They also elaborated that they have to assume the gun is real before figuring anything out. Catfight between the Koch Brothers and Santa Claus. A city in Alaska named North Pole has the largest oil refinery, which is leaking into the water supply. The city is suing the two companies that are responsible, one of which is Koch Industries.

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John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, and Steve Oh host TYT. Video of a Ferguson protester interrupting CNN’s reporting by yelling The Young Turks! Videos of Darren Wilson appearing with George Stephanopoulos to tell his story. Jimmy pointed out that Stephanopoulos didn’t ask any tough questions, but allowed Wilson to look like a choir boy. Steve isn’t as upset at Steph, Jayar thinks the problem is the bias against Black people that has permeated throughout society, among all races. Wilson also doesn’t think he should have done anything differently, and feels remorse that a life was lost. John reads how Justice Scalia’s previous point about the Grand Jury works wasn’t followed by prosecutor Bob McCulloch. Michael Brown’s parents responded to Wilson’s interview giving his side of the story. They want change in the system, and respect for what they’ve gone through. Video of Rudy Giuliani on Fox News saying he would prosecute the Ferguson witnesses that claimed Wilson killed Brown without merit. Jayar points out the many times Black Americans were wrongfully convicted for life sentences or death, due to prosecutors and witnesses that blatantly went after them.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from November 26, 2014. For more go to

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Dave Rubin, Felicia Michaels and Molly Swenson discuss the 0.1%, illegal drugs, 'InstaBoobs' and so much more.

Topics include:

Part 1: Woman Hits Man, Man Hits Woman Back on NYC Subway

Part 2: Is Obama's War with ISIS Illegal?

Part 3: Monster Energy Drink Is The Devil!!

Part 4: Is Google The New NASA?

Part 5: Shocking News About The 0.1 Percent

Part 6: The Ridiculous Worth of Illegal Drugs, In One Chart

Part 7: HORRIFYING: North Korean 'Slaves' Are Building World Cup Site in Qatar

Part 8: InstaBoobs: Temporary Boob Jobs May Be Next Big Thing in Plastic Surgery

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Dave Rubin

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The Rubin Report is a comedy and current events panel show hosted by Dave Rubin. Comedians, celebrities and media personalities join Dave each week to discuss hot topics in the worlds of news, politics, pop culture and more.

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Christian Lopez, Gina Grad, and Ana Kasparian talk about Bad Cops, Dancing Like No One is Watching, Concussions, Marijuana, and Drone Porn on this weeks episode of the point.

Topics Include:

Part 1: Police Officer Slaps Man Who Did Not Want Car Searched [VIDEO]

Part 2: Roommate Dances Like No One is Watching, Unfortunately They Were! [VIDEO]

Part 3: Does The NFL Ignore Concussion Evidence?

Part 4: Student Hits Gravity Bong in Class - School FREAKS Out

Part 5: Hidden Cameras Found In Gym Tanning Rooms!

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Host: Ana Kasparian

Christian Lopez

Gina Grad

The Point with Ana Kasparian is a smart and fast-paced panel show giving you a weekly round up of the hottest stories of the week. Each week Ana sits down with some of your favorite hosts from The Young Turks and other interesting personalities that each bring their unique perspectives on everything from news to pop culture.

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The Young Turks - 11.19.14: Net Neutrality, Banksters, Bill Cosby & Uber

Cenk and Iadarola host TYT today. After Ted Cruz tweeted that Net Neutrality is ObamaCare for the Internet, Sen Franken dispelled his misconceptions on CNN and explained why keeping the internet as it is doesn’t control the American people, the way Cruz is saying. Cenk doesn’t think Cruz is too dumb to understand this, but that he’s purposely deceiving his followers. Video of Ted Cruz responding to Franken with a straw man telephone analogy is played. Seven of the largest corporations in the country pay a -2.5% tax rate while paying their CEOs an average of $17 million/year. Researchers tested bankers with an Honesty Test. When asked about their occupation before asking them unrelated questions, the following questions were answered dishonestly because the context of their dishonest job was in the forefront of their minds.  

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Don Lemon interviewed one of Bill Cosby’s rape accusers and grilled her on why she didn’t just bite his penis while performing oral sex. Janice Dickenson has revealed that she was raped by Bill Cosby, too. Although it’s seen as a new revelation, she told the story years and years ago. In response to this deluge of allegations, Cosby’s Netflix standup will not be released, and his upcoming sitcom on NBC will not be broadcast. More on the fallout over the Uber executive investigating and smearing journalists. Apparently, Uber has technology that can track their customers without their knowledge. Ashton Kutcher, an investor with Uber, decided to come out in support of the executive’s plan to investigate and dig up information on journalists they don’t like.

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John, Cenk, Jimmy, and Dave host the hour 1 power panel. Cable news coverage of Ebola did not generate increased ratings, in fact their ratings declined compared to other months. Jimmy rants about how terrible cable news has become over time and gives a recent example of a report by Luke Russert. The panel gives their own examples of how cable and network news has become predictable and dishonest. Conservative news site ‘American News’ posted an article, from a satirical site, about the first person to die from a Death Panel. The person who they believed was killed was actress Bea Arthur, who passed away years ago. Rassmussen ran an a poll that asked how many people believe that Obamacare is ‘stupid’.

Ana replaces Dave on the power panel for hour 2. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Journalist, Malcolm Gladwell, rips the NFL and football in general for being a ‘moral abomination’. The panel compares football to other violent sports and wonder why is it always the focus of attention when there are other sports like boxing and MMA that cause more physical damage yet don’t receive the same amount of scrutiny as the NFL. An exorcism is conducted outside of a Starbucks in Austin Texas. The panel wonders about the validity of the video. The government of Uganda has an arrest warrant for a Ugandan pop star after nude pictures of her were leaked on the internet.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from November 14, 2014. For more go to

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