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The Young Turks - 11.19.14: Net Neutrality, Banksters, Bill Cosby & Uber

Cenk and Iadarola host TYT today. After Ted Cruz tweeted that Net Neutrality is ObamaCare for the Internet, Sen Franken dispelled his misconceptions on CNN and explained why keeping the internet as it is doesn’t control the American people, the way Cruz is saying. Cenk doesn’t think Cruz is too dumb to understand this, but that he’s purposely deceiving his followers. Video of Ted Cruz responding to Franken with a straw man telephone analogy is played. Seven of the largest corporations in the country pay a -2.5% tax rate while paying their CEOs an average of $17 million/year. Researchers tested bankers with an Honesty Test. When asked about their occupation before asking them unrelated questions, the following questions were answered dishonestly because the context of their dishonest job was in the forefront of their minds.  

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Don Lemon interviewed one of Bill Cosby’s rape accusers and grilled her on why she didn’t just bite his penis while performing oral sex. Janice Dickenson has revealed that she was raped by Bill Cosby, too. Although it’s seen as a new revelation, she told the story years and years ago. In response to this deluge of allegations, Cosby’s Netflix standup will not be released, and his upcoming sitcom on NBC will not be broadcast. More on the fallout over the Uber executive investigating and smearing journalists. Apparently, Uber has technology that can track their customers without their knowledge. Ashton Kutcher, an investor with Uber, decided to come out in support of the executive’s plan to investigate and dig up information on journalists they don’t like.

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John, Cenk, Jimmy, and Dave host the hour 1 power panel. Cable news coverage of Ebola did not generate increased ratings, in fact their ratings declined compared to other months. Jimmy rants about how terrible cable news has become over time and gives a recent example of a report by Luke Russert. The panel gives their own examples of how cable and network news has become predictable and dishonest. Conservative news site ‘American News’ posted an article, from a satirical site, about the first person to die from a Death Panel. The person who they believed was killed was actress Bea Arthur, who passed away years ago. Rassmussen ran an a poll that asked how many people believe that Obamacare is ‘stupid’.

Ana replaces Dave on the power panel for hour 2. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Journalist, Malcolm Gladwell, rips the NFL and football in general for being a ‘moral abomination’. The panel compares football to other violent sports and wonder why is it always the focus of attention when there are other sports like boxing and MMA that cause more physical damage yet don’t receive the same amount of scrutiny as the NFL. An exorcism is conducted outside of a Starbucks in Austin Texas. The panel wonders about the validity of the video. The government of Uganda has an arrest warrant for a Ugandan pop star after nude pictures of her were leaked on the internet.

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The Young Turks - 11.12.14: Wolf PAC, Bill O'Reilly, Reza Aslan, Fundamentalism, Kim Kardashian & Science FTW

Cenk hosts TYT. Wolf-PAC update: Help is coming from MAYDAY.US and In Tallahassee, FL a new ethics rule to limit contribution to city candidates for up to $250.00 and provide each voter with a tax rebate of up to $25.00. Catfight with Bill O’Reilly vs Reza Aslan both have written books about Jesus and Reza was asked about Billo’s book and mentioned that Jesus was about free medical care and helping the poor which would be a nightmare to Bill O’Reilly. A Pakistani police officer kill a prisoner with an ax for insulting the prophet Mohammed as well as an incident that took place in a village in Punjab when a local clerk told his community through a loudspeaker to kill a Christian couple for burning  pages from the Koran. Also, a Pakistani court upheld the death penalty for a woman who committed blasphemy.

Ana & Cenk host SCS. Kim Kardashian’s ass breaks the internet due to the challenge on Paper magazine’s cover as well as a challenge to Instagram’s rule on nudity. A virus has been discovered by John Hopkins University and Nebraska University that can actually make a person dumber. A right wing organization known as Education Action Group are upset at a Washington DC school board for removing the term “Christmas” on the calendar and replaced it with “Winter Break”. The Atlantic covered a story of a 7 year old girl who is an abstract painter and sells the paintings for thousands of dollars. An update on TYT Photos contestants is given.

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The Young Turks - 11.11.14: Putin, Filibuster, Ebola, Marijuana & Video Game Study

John Iadarola and Ben Mankiewicz host TYT. Putin visits APEC and has a moment of humanity while placing a shawl on the first lady of China, Peng Liyuan. President Obama made an observation of Putin at APEC by saying he looks like “the bored kid in the back of the classroom”. The guys discuss Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Republican obstructionism, and Manchin’s chancese in his next election. Ben’s prediction is that Joe Manchin could be the next “Joe Lieberman” of the Democratic Party. Concerns of killing the filibuster by Republicans are in play after the mid-term elections. John and Ben wonder if the Dems will use its strength like the Republicans have done, even though the rules of using it have changed.

Its a “Benana Hour” with Ana and Ben hosting SCS. Dr. Craig Spencer has been cured of the ebola virus after an expensive plasma transfusion and is now well enough to return home. A new study out of the University of Dallas has revealed that extreme chronic pot usage can alter the structure of the human brain in the orbitofrontal cortex with other parts of the brain making up for this altercation. A study by Stetson University Florida has shown that playing violent video games or watching violence in movies does not lead a person to become violent and does not affect the crime rate.

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Cenk hosts TYT. The head of ISIS (Al-Baghdadi) was struck by a drone over the weekend and may have been critically wounded. Former President George W Bush was interviewed, talked about his father and mentioned that nothing was given to him and that he earned his way in to politics by himself. Republican Gordon Klingenschmitt was recently elected to the Colorado state house, wrote a book about exorcising demons and thinks that the demonic spirit of tyranny is using President Obama. He also claims to have performed an exorcism on a woman and cured her from being a lesbian. President Obama put out a statement today on net neutrality, saying net neutrality has its beginnings in the creation of the internet. He went on to say that the FCC should create a system for a level playing field for everyone and that the phone companies and internet providers should not be the gatekeepers. Ted Cruz says that “net neutrality is Obamacare for the internet: the internet should not operate at the speed of the government”. Andrew Napolitano chimes in on net neutrality on Stuart Varney’s show saying it’s “Orwellian”.

Cenk, Gina Grad, and Shaunna Malcom of Pop Trigger host SCS. Drones are now being used for porno shoots under a new term called “Drone boning”. Rick Perry made an appearance for a Q&A at Dartmouth with questions about sodomy and butt-pirates. Mayor Betsy Hodges of Minneapolis has been accused by a local TV station of flashing a gang sign with a convicted felon in a photograph. The NY Times reports on wishlist items that law enforcement would seize during arrests. A man in China purchased 99 iphones to propose to his girlfriend who ended up turning him down.

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Ana, Iadarola, and Jimmy Dore host TYT. Co-founder of The Weather Channel spoke to Megyn Kelly about how Climate Change is a hoax because of Al Gore. Video of Coleman shows him complaining about how tough it is to be a denier. Video of Coleman calling the proof bad science follows. Video of Coleman claiming that the ice caps are at their highest levels ever and polar bears are happily living at their largest population. Videos of Sarah Palin are played showing her spouting off about how Climate Change exists, but there is no evidence that its man made, comparing it to eugenics. Palin also ironically posted on her Facebook page that “limo Libs” are pushing climate change while ignoring regular folks like her. A video of a Climate Change PAC ad voiced by Woody Harrelson that pointed out that powerful people have been lying to Americans about harmful things like cigarettes is played.

Gina Grad replaces Iadarola for SCS. After a CHP officer was caught sending personal pictures from a phone of a female driver he pulled over for DUI, it has been discovered that this practice is rampant among several cops. Jimmy talks about how all these cops have admitted to taking part in this culture of crime. Ana retells the story of being harassed by a cop. Melissa Harris Perry outlined they way severe online harassment has limited her ability to exist on Twitter. Ana relates to Perry. Poll numbers show that a significant number of people report being harassed online.

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