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The Young Turks - 1.29.15: Sarah Palin vs. O'Reilly, Comcast, Code Pink & Cliven Bundy

Cenk hosting. The Sarah Palin/Bill O’Reilly catfight continues. After Bill teased her running for president as a reality show, she bashed him as a quasi right winger. He responded by calling out her being on a reality show and said she shouldn’t get offended when no offense was intended. Another Conservative catfight is between Huckabee and Megyn Kelly after he lamented the cursing that he experienced in NYC from trashy women. After she gave Huckabee a pass for the entire segment, she did point out that women are drinking, smoking, and having premarital sex. A 3rd catfight sparked up between CNN’s morning shows and Morning Joe of MSNBC. CNN took out a full page NYT ad that brags about both of their morning shows beating Morning Joe for many consecutive months. Cenk brags about TYT’s numbers in comparison to both networks. Code Pink protested a Senate Hearing with Henry Kissinger and John McCain, demanding for Kissinger to be arrested for war crimes. Video of the protest, and McCain calling them lowlife scum before ‘profusely’ apologizing to Kissinger. Cliven Bundy’s son has been arrested after the police caught up with him on an outstanding warrant. He was arrested after verbally and physically resisting the police.

Comcast’s plan to boost its character with the public includes making paid off politicians write glowing pre-written letters to the FCC about the company’s planned merger with Time Warner. Cenk explains how this scam is formulated to get the corporation what it wants right in front of the American people. Cenk predicts that these companies desire to control the internet via Net Neutrality won’t work. He explains that the internet will be regulated like public utilities, which aren’t subject to donations to grease the wheels. Cenk thinks that the deciding factor in favor of Net Neutrality is the number of huge investors from Silicon Valley that have money invested in internet development, so they know who’s actually in favor of equal access; not the Republicans.

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The Young Turks - 1.29.15: Palin, Hannity, Huckabee, Bad Cop, Michelle Obama & Facebook

Cenk and John hosting, the “Turkish Pie” hour. Now that Palin has shown her ass even more with her disjointed speech in Iowa, even Conservatives like Bill O’Reilly went after her with a teaser making fun of her potentially running for President as a reality show. Video of Palin responding by calling Fox News a quasi right wing network. Video of Sean Hannity tepidly asking Palin if her teleprompter went out at her horribly delivered Iowa speech. After pushing back at the media for asking such questions, Hannity surrendered and claimed to not be a part of that bunch. Video of Hannity losing his mind over Obama’s teleprompters. Cenk brings up how lost President Bush was without his teleprompter. The American Sniper bickering has reached Howard Dean after he called the movie-goers angry and Tea Party types. After he was criticized for these thoughts, he came back with an apology for offending the military, but not the rabid Right Wingers on Twitter coming for him. Mike Huckabee continues to push a folksy character as he begins his run for President. Video of Huckabee claiming that guns weren’t in schools when Bibles were there.  John points out that in churches, where there are tons of Bibles and praying, violence in churches are on the rise. Video of Huckabee claiming that as we get away from the Bible and the objective word of truth, the worse off we are as a society.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Update on the police officer that was busted for stealing risque pictures of a female DUI driver. He has been convicted and sentenced to probation and community service. When President Obama and the First Lady went to Saudi Arabia for King Abdullah’s funeral, Michelle was seen not wearing the headdress and robe that they hand out for women to wear. After FB’s Mark Zuckerberg wrote in favor of freedom of speech after the Charlie Hebdo attack, especially on Facebook, he has caved to pressure from Turkey that told him to censor anyone posting images of Muhammad.

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John Iadarola & Hannah Cranston!

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Soccer news with Francis Maxwell.

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The Young Turks - 1.21.15: SOTU Wrap Up, Obama, Police Shooting & Woman Ambushes Cops

Iadarola, Rubin, Jimmy, and RJ hosting. Talk about some of the larger issues that the president failed to mention at the SOTU Address last night. One was the success of ObamaCare. Talk about gay marriage and police brutality on undeserving citizens. Video of the zinger Obama snapped on condescending Republicans during the SOTU last night. When the GOP applauded his point about not running anymore campaigns, he responded by saying, “I know because I won both of them.” After the much talked about response, crybaby republicans complained that his tone won’t help him in working together. The GOP response to the SOTU was done by Joni Ernst, where she robotically went hokey in talking about her humble farming background, mentioning bread bags on her shoes.

Ana and Rubin for SCS. Video shows NJ police shooting and killing an unarmed Black man on a routine stop. Video has surfaced of a Massachusetts woman throwing bacon and sausage through the police dept window at officers. She later said she was told by God to “feed the pigs.” A federal law overturned the rule that prohibits flipping off police officers.

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Matt Atchity (Editor-in-chief, Alonso Duralde (TheWrap and Linoleum Knife podcast) and Christy Lemire ( review The Wedding Ringer (Starring Kevin Hart), Paddington (Starring Hugh Bonneville), and Blackhat (Starring Chris Hemsworth)

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It's Hollywood's biggest day! The nominations for the 2014 Academy Awards are out, but were the right filmmakers nominated? Were the nominations surprising in good or bad ways? What do the nominations say about the voting Academy? Were Selma and a handful of other films unfairly overlooked?

Matt Atchity (Editor-in-chief, Alonso Duralde (TheWrap and Linoleum Knife podcast) and Christy Lemire ( discuss the snubs, the flubs, and even the deserved praise in the 2015 Oscar nominations.

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The Young Turks - 1.16.15: Duke Muslim Prayer, The Great Wall of Saudi, Christian Child Author & Marijuana

Cenk, Iadarola, Jimmy, and Maz Jobrani host the Power Panel. Maz talks about difficulty people had in pronouncing his name. Talks about trouble he had with convincing the old wrestler The Iron Sheik to act like he was pissed. After Duke University decided to allow a Muslim call to prayer every day on campus, it has been nixed due to Christian outcry led by Franklin Graham. Cenk points out how this kind of overall blame and disdain for Muslims is similar to what went on in Nazi Germany. Discussion about misrepresentation and misunderstanding of everyday Muslims. Saudi Arabia is building a huge wall to fend off potential ISIS militants from crossing over from their Iraqi border.

Ana replaces John for SCS stories. One kid that wrote a book about his story of dying and visiting Heaven has admitted that he made the whole thing up. Although recreational marijuana is legal in Washington state, dispensaries are lobbying for the same regulations to be placed on medicinal dispensaries, as their prices are lower due to a lack of rules being placed on them. A company that sends people’s enemies glitter bombs has started turning down requests due to so much demand after it caught on.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from January 16, 2015. For more go to

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from January 5th, 2015. For more go

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