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The Young Turks - 3.3.15: Netanyahu Speech, Maternity Hotels, Gang Rape & Marijuana Legalization

Cenk hosting. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint meeting of Congress today with references of the Holocaust in relationship to Iran’s nuclear program, Cenk breaks down Netanyahu’s speech.

Ana & Cenk hosting. Federal agents have raided more than 20 “maternity hotels” which caters to women from China who are paying over $15,000 to pursue US citizenship for their family. Mukesh Singh ,who was part of a brutal gang rape on a bus in New Delhi, India, is featured in a recent documentary and is blaming the rape on the woman. In Utah, Matt Fairbanks of the DEA is concerned for rabbits over the recent legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. Tinder is now rolling out a paid version of the app, allowing users unlimited amount of swipes from the free version and different rates by age category.

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The Young Turks - 3.2.15: Putin, O’Reilly, LAPD Execution & ISIS vs Twitter

Cenk and Desi Doyen hosting. Thousands of protesters marched in Moscow after Putin’s opposition leader was gunned down in the streets. Questions of whether Putin and the Kremlin are behind it are being thrown around. Both Cenk and Desi talk about why its obvious that Putin was behind it. A Russian TV anchor is already toeing the government line that accusations are nothing but conspiracy theories by the West, who are probably the actual culprits. One of O’Reilly’s latest lies has been solidified as a fabrication by his own mouth. Video of Bill telling Fox & Friends that he chased a potential accomplice to the JFK murder to his suicidal end. Audio of Bill from 1977 that proves he wasn’t anywhere near Florida on that day since he was planning to fly down after the shooting took place

Ana replaces Desi for SCS. LAPD was caught on tape shooting and killing a homeless man on the streets during a scuffle. Cleveland has ruled that Tamir Rice was at fault for his death for failure to avoid injury. ISIS members are threatening Twitter employees for following company protocol by closing their accounts.

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Cenk and John Iadarola hosting. The FCC’s decision on Net Neutrality has come down, mostly in favor of fair internet access. Talk about the muddied message Republicans had to pitch in order to attempt to destroy this legislation. Bill O’Reilly has been caught in yet another lie that he has been telling over the years that prop him up as an amazing guy. Videos of Bill telling people about witnessing nuns being gunned down in El Salvador while he was there covering wars. Video of O’Reilly telling the same story accurately, acknowledging that he arrived to El Salvador after the nuns were killed. He also wrote in his book that he got there after the nuns were murdered. Fox News has come out in even more defense of old Bill. Cenk points out that Bill and FNC haven’t responded to the JFK lie and the nuns lie since they can’t spin it to blame others for attacking him.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. A study that was conducted on rising sea levels as a result of climate change showed that sea levels on the northeast coast of the country have risen at extremely dramatic levels. Abercrombie & Fitch case is going to the SCOTUS over refusing to hire a girl that wears a hijab due to it violating their apparel requirements for particular styles. Cenk and Ana agree that A&F should be able to enforce their dress code requirements against this. A 16 year old Indiana kid is facing life in prison for murder after he and a friend broke into a house, which resulting in the friend being killed by the homeowner. Since the kid’s decision to commit the crime ended in his friend’s death, he has been convicted of his murder. Cenk talks about how he wouldn’t shoot the burglars if he were the homeowner. Police in Sweden mistook a woman for an ISIS supporter over some balloons that formed “21” in celebration of her birthday. From the outside, the digits looked like “IS.” Talk about the variety of brutal and humanitarian videos that ISIS releases. They want enemies to overreact and bomb, while appealing to the local community for more power and support. A South Korean law that would imprison adulterers if caught cheating has been overturned. Spain will introduce breathalyzer tests for tourist pedestrians and cyclists due to the extreme number of drunk people visiting. They would only be tested if they’re involved in an accident. Cenk talks about being annoyed by irresponsible skaters. In another twist, this law is being pushed by automotive industry that wants less responsibility to be placed on drivers when accidents happen with pedestrians.

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The Young Turks - 2.25.15: Elizabeth Warren, O'Reilly, Kanye, Olbermann & Alabama

Cenk hosting today. Despite Elizabeth Warren’s declarations that she isn’t going to run for President against Hillary Clinton, she gave a very lukewarm answer to Clinton’s liberal credentials with Al Sharpton. This makes Cenk wonder why she would take this approach if it isn’t to set up a run against Hillary. On CPAC’s list of speakers at their annual convention, Dr. Ben Carson’s bio had a picture of Sen Tim Scott instead of Carson. CPAC responded to the Washington Post reporter’s tweet about it by claiming he photoshopped the image to embarrass CPAC. One of the editors at Ben Howe came out in favor of CPAC’s claim of a photoshopping scheme. Bill O’Reilly has been caught in yet another lie. This time the fabrications are about his assertions that he chased down an accomplice to the assassination of JFK right before he committed suicide. Bill made it sound like the man shot himself because he was hot on his trail. Other reporters that worked with O’Reilly at the time have come forward to point out that he wasn’t even in the same city when the suicide occurred.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Kanye West recalled a story about Kim Kardashian’s father getting racist taunts after being on OJ Simpson’s defense team. Due to the vandalism, he told Kim that one day she may have a Black child that she will have to be ready to put up with the racism. Cenk thinks Kanye is embellishing parts of the story. Cenk thinks West getting an award for having a clothing and shoe line is ridiculous, and that one day he will prove it by having one himself. Ana disagrees with Cenk’s choice of t-shirt with blazer look. TYT audience poll on whether or not Cenk’s style is acceptable or not. Keith Olbermann has been suspended by ESPN for 1 week after he got into a heated Twitter fight with multiple Penn St students over their defense of their school when he bashed them. The fight began after they were proud of the charitable fundraising. TYT Supreme Court on Olbermann’s suspension. Cenk is tired of networks suspending people every second over everything. California is planning on providing condom machines in prisons to help stop the rapid spread of HIV and other STDs. Although Alabama has legalized same sex marriage, the state’s Chief Justice has told officials that they cannot in fact give marriage licenses to gay couples.

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The Young Turks - 2.24.15: Wolf PAC Win! Oscars, Rape Kits & Women's Rights

Cenk hosting today. A debate in Idaho about women’s reproductive rights led to a Republican representative asking if a woman swallows a camera, will it end up in her vagina for a gynecological exam. Ron Paul was on a radio show talking about how the Congressional Black Caucus was opposed to war only because they wanted the money to go to food stamps back at home. Cenk points out the breakdown of food stamp use among races in the country. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is championing an anti-union bill for his state that would hurt the working class. When the language of the bill was reviewed, it was discovered that it was copied nearly word for word from ALEC. Wolf PAC has taken its 4th state for Free & Fair elections in New Jersey. Video of the final vote. Videos of volunteer Walker Green talking about his appendix exploding the night before the vote, causing him to miss it.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. A Gawker reporter went after Wes Anderson’s girlfriend over her looks. Zendaya Coleman was also critiqued over her dreadlocks at the Academy Awards by E! Zendaya responded with a very well written letter to the E! host. Ashton Kutcher spoke out about how kissing a man like he had to will definitely let you know if you have gay tendencies. Alaska has become the 3rd state to legalize marijuana use, with some caveats, like no smoking weed in public. Apple is rolling out new racially diverse emojis that include Black, Latino, and Asian faces. An autistic boy’s birthday party was void of guests, leading his mother to write about her broken heart on a Facebook post. The post led the local police to bring a helicopter and emergency vehicles to celebrate the boy’s birthday party in a major way. Texas has decided to finally test the thousands of untested rape kits taken by rape victims. They have already uncovered 850 rapists that have run free to commit other crimes in the meantime. Followers of a church in Idaho are refusing medical healing for their kids, and rely on faith healing instead, causing 70% of these children to die as a result. Rep Christy Perry came out in support of the parents’ rights to allow their kids to die. Her points about the government getting out of the way of the parents’ choice is oddly similar to women’s reproduction rights that all Republicans are against.

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The Young Turks - 2.23.15: Bill O'Reilly Update, Academy Awards Dramz

Cenk hosting. Bill O’Reilly’s battle over Mother Jones’ story about his exaggerated war coverage has escalated. After bashing David Corn’s story on Friday, other CBS reporters that were in Argentina with him in 1982 are refuting his bombastic defense. Videos of O’Reilly’s defense and name calling and videos of CBS’ Eric Engberg giving his side of the story, including Bill getting kicked off the war coverage. Multiple other CBS veterans spoke out about how O’Reilly’s accounts were untrue.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. One of the best speeches at the Academy Awards last night was by Graham Moore about bullying and suicide. More controversy erupted when Sean Penn made a green card joke when giving the Oscar to the Mexican director. After the film about Edward Snowden won an award, Neil Patrick Harris made a joke about Snowden, mentioning treason. Glenn Greenwald responded negatively. Cenk was annoyed by the joke, too. Ana disagrees with Cenk.

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Power Panel of Cenk, Ben, John, and Jimmy Dore. Mother Jones has published an extensive article claiming that Bill O’Reilly has a similar problem that Brian Williams had with exaggerating his wartime experiences while covering the Falklands War in 1982. Videos of his multiple instances of bragging about his coverage and heroism. Breakdown of O’Reilly’s stories versus the lies he told. O’Reilly’s stories of San Salvador being burned to the ground with fighting going on around him were also debunked by Bill’s own report from 1982. He is responding to the outrage with defiance, by pointing out that he’d be cleared and putting the Mother Jones reporter David Corn in the “Kill Zone.” Cenk predicts that O’Reilly pitting this as one side vs the other will cause people to think its just one man’s word against his.

Karamo Brown and Heather McDonald replaced Jimmy and John for SCS. Kim Jong Un has gotten a new haircut, which is just as ridiculous as the 1st. Comparisons to Pauly D’s haircut. A study showed that more attractive men are egotistical, while more attractive women are not. Actress Monique’s claims that she has been blacklisted from Hollywood have been confirmed. Heather talks about how tough it is for women to make sure they’re not perceived as a mean bitch, or word will spread about them.

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The Young Turks - 2.19.15: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Rudy Giuliani, Obama, Rumsfeld, Nigerian Pastor & Bigot Dr

Cenk hosting today. Kareem Abdul Jabbar went on Morning Joe to distinguish the difference between terrorists and Muslims, comparing them to KKK members and their declaration that they’re Christians. Cenk compares the number of ISIS members are in comparison to the population of Iraq, to the number of Klansmen in comparison to the population of America when they were at their height. Rudy Giuliani told a Conservative group that President Obama doesn’t love America, or its citizens. That he was brought up differently than they rest of the people in the room. When Scott Walker was asked about the controversial comments, he dodged the question twice. President Obama explained why he chooses to not call terrorists Islamic terrorists. Although Cenk disagrees with this thought process, he understands why he took this narrative. Videos of Donald Rumsfeld comparing ISIS terrorists to German agitators of WWII.

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. A Nigerian pastor made a video that included telling married couples the way they should have sex in order to be seen positively in the eyes of God. Women being dominant in the bedroom was definitely a no-no. A Michigan doctor is refusing to treat a baby because the parents are lesbians.

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The Young Turks - 2.18.15: War Against ISIS, Krispy Kreme Apology, Circumcision & Unstoppable Runner

Live streaming from YouTube Space LA. Cenk hosting. Conservative bloggers are ranting and raving against President Obama for not doing enough against ISIS, Cenk breaks down that myth with reported airstrikes against ISIS and outrageous observations from Bill O’Reilly and Rev.Franklin Graham. Recent polls have also shown disapproval with Obama’s handling of ISIS, with that Chris Matthews chimes in on that with a lack from the lessons of history.

Cenk and Ana hosting. The UK has recently revealed their love for Krispy Kreme on Wednesdays, by calling Wednesdays “KKK Wednesday”. A new movement is calling for the return of uncircumcised penises along with, breaking down the long held beliefs of the importance of health in circumcision. A runner from Kenya recently ran a marathon in Austin Texas and finished third by crawling to the finish line showing clearly of hitting the “runners wall”

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Ramesh Srinivasan is an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies and Design/Media Arts at UCLA. He studies the relationship between media, specifically new technologies, and social, political and cultural realities across the world.

In his first return to the TYT studio, Professor Srinivasan and The Young Turks' in-house Bolivia-phile Dave Koller cover a wide range of topics, including:

- Whether the world needs more or fewer books by Malcolm Gladwell
- Why a social media expert like Srinivasan shuns Twitter
- How Bolivian president Evo Morales is pushing technological change to empower indigenous communities in Bolivia
- Why people in the West feel a false sense of confidence in social media to foment revolution against authoritarian regimes
- Why a member of a young hacker community in Bolivia greeted Srinivasan in a giant Linux penguin costume
- What the people who live in and around landfills in the developing world can teach the West about repurposing old technology

Find out Srinivasan's thoughts on the above topics and much more in this installment of TYT Interviews.

For more interviews, subscribe, HERE:

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