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Hour 1: John and Ana is hosting. Ted Cruz wants to outlaw sex toys. Selling sex toys is not protected by Constitution. 76 pages brief in Court Appeal in order to protect public morals and power police interest. Discouraging autonomous sex. According to the Ted Cruz’s college roommate, Ted slept on top of pillow. The Court of Appeal went against Ted Cruz because basically sex toys doesn’t cause harm. Today Bernie received his first in endorsement by Senator Jeff Markley. Jeff feels that Bernie is a good candidate for President. Senator Jeff Markley agrees with Bernie ideas. Bernie joins Verizon workers on at their Union Strike. Sanders again joined in solidarity with Verizon workers on the picket line. Verizon didn’t pay federal taxes.

Hour 2: On April 19 there will be an app for a woman and children that’s called rideshare. Men are criticizing this app, they are saying this is discrimination. Harvard is trying to do a male only club it called Porcelains Club. The reason is because they feel that women will cause a sexual desire to men in the club. BuzzFeed is getting heat because social experiment on questioning blackness.

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