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Hour 1: Hillary Clinton decides to set up a noise/static machine outside of her fundraiser so the media doesn’t pick up what she was saying to her guest. Later, the machine was turned off and what the media hear was people having a party. If Hillary Clinton were to be President, Clinton will ask for records of area 51. She wants American People to know the clear truth about UFOs and/or aliens.

Hour 2: Cenk, Ben, Mark Thompson, and Ana is hosting. The man that inspired a Character Gordon Gekko is Ashent. Nevertheless he is endorsing Bernie Sanders because he feels that Bernie is best candidate for President. In North Carolina, police do not know how to enforce transgender bathroom bill. Some women are afraid that men will dress up as woman to go to a woman’s bathroom to peak on them. This is a Civil issue matter however the law makers do not know the requirement for this Civil issues. Since NC passed a law against LGBT, Bruce Springsteen will not be performing because he feels it’s discrimination. CIA has adventure capitalist arm…In Q Tel found in 1999 by then CIA Director. It identifies cutting edge technology to support mission CIA and other intelligence a product to help your skin sheds off. Skincential Sciences developed a pattern skin care product. This can be used to for DNA test.

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